Monday, 9 January 2012

Why I love terrapins :]

I thought I would post some more pictures of my terrapins to show you.

They are a little blurry , the lighting in my bedroom is rubbish and terrapins dont stop moving really to pose for photographs!
If these pictures weren't enough here are some other reasons:

1. they have personalities.
2. they are histerical (watch them swimming against the filter stream, also they sometimes try to climb out the tank but their arms are just a fraction too small and they plop back into the water hehe).
3.they like to have a little stretch on their rock every now and then.
4. they paddle like mad against the tank when you walk in the room (probably to get food) but I like to think its because they are pleased to see me!
5.When they are scared they pop arms legs and head inside their shell just like in cartoons.

when you look at the tank from the corner it refracts and makes it look like we have 4 sometimes!

Shelby has spots on his belly/undershell Terrance does not. They are about 4years old we think, a friend gave them to us becuase they didnt have room for them anymore.
best decision I ever made!

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