Thursday, 28 July 2011

homemade lunches

I watched an episode of River Cottage the other day, it was all about making lunches interesting. I am a sucker for buying my lunches in town with all the food places just round the corner I often buy a Boots meal deal or a Gregs, probably costing me around £15 a week :/

I know that many people take their own lunches to work and this is nothing new. However River cottage suggested some quick tasty alternatives to rushed sandwiches made the night before, such as a butternut squash soup which I want to try.

I tried the recipie for pastys made from leftovers.
Here they are before and after going in the oven.


I used a frozen puff pastry because its quicker than making your own pastry and mine is always a bit hit or miss. I filled it with leftover chilli con carne from the night before.

So me and my boyfriend had nice filling lunches that saved us money!

next time I will try a different filling and remember to poke holes in the top of the pastry before putting in the oven (I think thats why some of them split).

Wednesday, 27 July 2011


I love the Nissan Figaro. Such a cute car! It has all the look of a suave vintage car but its not that old!

When I eventually learn to drive....this is what Im getting!

There is a girl round the corner who owns one and she keeeps parking it outside my house Im so jealous!

Sunday, 24 July 2011


I realise I dont post many pictures of myself on here, this is because I prefer to be behind the camera rather than in front of it!

But my Mum took a lovely picture of me and Ben when she and my Dad came to visit this weekend so I thought I would post it.

We went out on the lake in a rowing boat just after this picture was taken :) it was so much fun! A swan kept following us (I think it thought we had bread?)Photobucket
Its a good workout rowing! here I am looking windswept, and Ben looks as though the sun is blinding him.

Jolly good stuff!

Friday, 22 July 2011

More cooking

I tried one of the philadelphia recipies I had seen on an advert this week.

It was basically pasta with the philly cheese and chives sauce and grilled veg.

Its perfect for when you want someting quick to make and easy. I used tesco frozen meditterean vegetables (peppers, aubergine, courgette and the like) put that in the oven and boiled the pasta. When done I mixed the pasta and veg in a bowl and added half a tub of philly and a splash of milk. I then seasoned with pepper. It was yum!

I was so hungry I forgot to take a photograph so here is the one from the website (i used different veg)Photobucket

I also made a delicious curry this week. Its my basic recipe that I tweek depending what I have in the house!

This one was chicken marinated in spice mix of:
curry powder
garam masala
black pepper
chilli powder
garlic powder

I then chopped and fried one red onion and a green pepper, when brown I added the chicken.

When the chicken is cooked through I added a tin of chopped tomatoes, table spoon tomato puree and a vegetable stock cube.

I let it simmer while he rice boiled and then added more of the spices used to marinate chicken until it was to my taste!


Painting the Roses red

I went to the park yesterday (its just by my house). Roath park is typically victorian. It has a rose garden, boating lake with lighthouse, botanical gardens etc.

I love the rose garden it makes me feel like Alice in Wonderland in the Queen of Heart's garden, because the weather was nice I had a stroll over with my camera and took some pictures.

Its hard to take a bad photo of a flower really since they are so beautiful and intricate but still it was what I needed to ease myself back into photography. I literally havent picked up my proper camera since I graduated a year ago!


Also take a look at this lilac coloured roase, I literally couldnt believe how beautiful it was and it smelt so lovely too! (slightly blurred photo it got windy!!couldnt tell until i got home)

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Lavinias tea parties!

my friend put on thi wonderful event the other week, I couldnt make it this time but the next one is set for 18th September!

tea, cake, music, burlesque and vintage makeup and fashion :)

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Hey I have some new followers/ comments.

I still cannot reply or follow other blogs...seriously getting annoying now! so sorry again I'm not being rude!

I went to see the final Harry Potter film today with the bf. I loved it! no shock there though.

we rocked up in out 'his n hers' vans. cute huh?

Monday, 18 July 2011

Simple home decor using old Records

Here are a few simple cheap ideas for decorating your home and adding a touch of rock and roll.

I love old records, I love the texture, the sleeve designs and I love the technology behind them, much nicer than boring old cds and a million times better than an mp3 download!

Display your favourite album sleeves in frames for instant art, like these from Urban Outfitters:Photobucket £12 per frame

You could even frame the record itself, especially if you have a decorated one or an unusual colour.Photobucket

Melt a record and make a bowl!
you will need:

a 12inch record
baking tray
Oven proof mug/bowl (smaller than circumference of record)
oven gloves

preheat the oven to 200 degrees C

Put your mug/bowl upturned onto the baking tray with the record placed centrally on top of the mug.

put the tray with mug and record in the oven for 5mins, by this time it should have drooped around the edge of the mug/bowl

remove from oven with oven gloves and mould the record into a bowl shape.

It will not take long for the record to cool and harden, then its ready to display!

If you dont have any old records, pop down to your local charity shop or indoor market I can guarantee you will find lots of cheap records :)

Friday, 15 July 2011

Home Sweet Home

Its our house warming party tomorrow for the new flat.


(lettering and flower design from Cath Kidstons Stitch!)

I need a frame and it will go in the spare bedroom.

Wednesday, 6 July 2011


My new blog background is an Orla Kiely pattern it is so cheerful!

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Gronska Lovin'

I love the new Gronska pattern from Ikea, it suits my kitchen perfectly.
I have the teatowels, but I want this cusion.
Unfortunately the fabric isnt available in my local ikea or online because I would like to make some curtains from it!


Sunday, 3 July 2011

Katy Perry!

I have tickets to see the incredible Katy Perry in October woooooo!
I will be going with friends and boyfriend to NIA in Birmingham to watch her California Dreams tour.
I must admit it is the outfits I am most looking forward to seeing! I am definitely dressing up.Photobucket


This lovely 1920s style playsuit/slip is in the Topshop sale.




I made a chicken pie the other night.

The filling tasted marvelous.
Ben loved it

Pastry was not as good as on my last pie attempt
I burnt myself


All to play for on my next try.

Look at my charity shop pie dishes

This one has a redipe inside! Its funny because half way through it directs you to fill the dish with fruit....then you cant read the rest of the instructions :P

Also this retro thing


Any pastry making tips?

New hair?

So I got a trim the other day and despite getting a good inch off my split ends I still feel rather lack lustre about my hair.

I need a change. I am happy with the length but I would change it, I am happy with the colour but I would change that short, I have no idea what I want.

I think the best plan is to dip dye like this:


If I get it done and then dont like it, I can cut it off just about the dyed parts!
But I think I would like it...and no horrible roots to deal with. All in all its a low maintenance option a bit like me :)

I think a mid point between SJP and Drew would be great, not too bleached and not too subtle and definitley not going up to my ears!


My holiday to Amsterdam is all paid off now! It is only 3 months until I go, so exciting!


I need to write a list of all the things me and my boyfriend want to see!

Friday, 1 July 2011


My blogger account seems to be playing up recently and not letting me follow new blogs or comment on my posts or anyone elses!

Highly frustrating! so appologies I am not being rude, does anyone have a resolution to this? It tells me to keep logging in everytime I try and leave a comment or follow a blog and then when I do nothing happens....

Anyway, I gave a lot of clothes to charity the other day I feel good and my house is almost clutter free! I thought I could treat myself then to the new lamp I wanted from Tesco....Photobucket So as soon as I have collected it I will take a picture of it in my living room :)