Sunday, 30 January 2011

Let them eat Cake

Beautiful photography spread for Zoya jewellery based heavily on the Marie Antoinette movie by Sophia Copolla. I saw these on Absolutely Lady Like blog.
What I like:
I love the theme, I love the makeup and hair styling. The Zoya jewellery range is decadent in every way I really like the necklet and earring in the bath photo and the sparkling rose ring, it reminds me of a range we sell at work called Le Vian. (I will do a separate post on that as there is so much of the jewellery I want!)

I have some images from the film which you can see the very obvious influence it has had on this shoot.

I left the photographs which were less influenced by the film out because they were more contemporary and generic, I didnt like them as much.

The Tudors

So happy Series 4 of The Tudors has started!

It is one of my favourite programs ever.

I love the costumes, the music, the set design (minus the cgi graphics of palaces that no longer exist!) the drama and the fact that most of it is true to what we know from history. Of course artisitc license is used to make it good viewing but most of the show is true to the facts.
Jonathan Rhys Mayers plays a convincing and truly terrifying King Henry, I would not mess with him.

I love history especially British history and I love a good period drama, its a win win!

I would recommend this to anyone.

Friday, 28 January 2011

1940s Bash

I am so glad that the Blind Lemon Vintage fair is coming to Cardiff again on 6th of this month.


Because in April, I have this to go too!


We are going for my friends Birthday, she lives nearby so me and my friends will drive down and stay the weekend and go to this event.

I really want a genuine 1940s dress, nothing elaborate just an everyday dress will be lovely. So hopefully I can pick one up at the fair.

I cannot wait to do my hair either, I dont know which style yet but Ive been gathering inspiration and where better than from:

Bobbypin blog is one of my favourite blogs to follow, a recent post got me looking at these
for a Betty Grable look, it is a possibility! Photobucket
I could do a good Veronica Lake, but thats super glamorous.Photobucket
Katharine Hepburn is probably more a style I will try.
I have a lot of hair to work with as you can see! my fringe has grown out since that picture as well.All advantages for 1940s dress, unlike the 1920s theme I picked! I used about 50 hair pins that night!

Thursday, 27 January 2011

Barbie goes French

I would like this Barbie

It reminds me of the ones I saw at the Barbie exhibition two years ago in Palma.

The picture of the Marie Antoinette Barbie made me go back through my folder from that holiday and I remembered the beautiful Barbie based on the Wedgewood jasperwear, I love her cameo choker.

here is the other doll which was released


I would love a wedgewood china set, maybe I will be lucky if I ever get married? I would get a grown up one for dinner parties and a Beatrix Potter one for everyday.

If I do get married I want this cake, but in peach, just like the Barbie....maybe she could stand on top next to a Ken?

Sometimes I worry I have very bad taste...

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Birthday Present

I got a Chamilia bracelet for my birthday and 2 charms to start it off.

You can design your own online at

They are beautiful and lots of fun to collect, here are some of the designs Ive made online.

these are the 2 beads I got for my bracelet

and this is the next one on my list of must haves!

Monday, 24 January 2011

Flapper Photography

Digital photography of a bygone era,

Photobucket Me with my disney cake

chunk eaten out the cake already!Photobucket My mum made me a cake like this for my brithday years ago, I will have to find a photo and scan it, had a doll in the top and milky button skirt :)

I was impressed with the effort my friends went to with costumes, they all looked fabulous!

Sunday, 23 January 2011

1920s birthday!

Had my birthday night out last night, the 1920s theme was a hit!

I havent been through all the photos yet but this is a picture of my hair from the back.

pincurl style, took me ages to get all my hair up, its very long at the moment!

i have a better picture of my disney princess cake for my next post as well.

Friday, 21 January 2011

Moomins have a home

Moomin house is finished


and the moomins are all moved in.


in other news...Its my 1920s themed party tomorrow x

Tuesday, 18 January 2011


Had a play about on photoshop and using various tutorials online I managed to create this 3D effect.

cool huh?

need a pair of these soon, i'll have converted all my photographs into 3D!

Friday, 14 January 2011

loose ends

Here are my current projects at the point they are right now.

Hattifattener 1:
he is a bit creepy isnt he!

Moomin House:
Has a roof at last.
Cath Kidston purse:
Almost done, still need pink thread:

EDIT: cross stitch is finished now the bit I'm dreading...assembly of the purse!

Next ideas are like I said circus themed initials like the cusions made by Emily Peacock

all the designs on the website are so adorable! but I dont think I am ready to try and make a cusion yet!
Photobucket this is the style I want to do, I will design the pattern myself and I will pick greens and pinks for the colours.
I have been looking at Photoshop tutorials to make photos into cross stitch patterns and it looks fairly easy so I will try that soon.

I'll probably make more as well Hattifatteners, at least 2 because they always seem to be in teams of 3 in pictures.

Thursday, 13 January 2011

22nd Birthday

Its my birthday on the 24th of this month and if youve read my blog for a while you might know I always have a themed party.

Well tis year due to the size of my flat we will be forced to go out dancing and drinking rather than have a party at home. There will be a theme though and its my favourite one yet!

Roaring Twenties!

Due to lack of money until after the date, Im wearing a flapper dress I already own, however I have been browsing the web for inspiration still.
Here are some of my favourite picture finds:

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

The Crinoline Lady

My auntie, like me has always been a bit of a collector. She has a beautiful set of framed cigarette cards and ceramic mushrooms. But my favourite is her collection of crinoline lady china. She started with a few pieces from a set that was split up and given to her and my other aunts by one of our older family members.

It was a lovely set and my mum always thought it was a shame the set had been shared out just because it would be so lovely together. It became a sort of mission to complete it.
Whenever we went on holidays and saw an antique shop or a charity shop we popped in and hunted for china pieces of the set. If we saw a piece we bought it.

We often bought pieces which didnt match simply because they were beautiful or because we werent sure if they were an exact match. Now my Aunt has a massive collection of pieces all in a lovely wooden display cabinet, it even lights up!

I think I might start my own collection because it was so much fun!

Here are some examples of pieces, (neither of which are from the set my aunt had to begin) However I know we bought some cups saucers and plates which match the yellow crinoline teapot below. PhotobucketPhotobucket
(images from google)

Old china is so beautiful. My friend has started creating lovely cake stands out of it here is her website. enjoy!

Monday, 10 January 2011


My boyfriend suprised me with this the other day!
super cute and super squishy pillow snail.
I love its little face.

Cross stitched a Cath Kidston 'stanley' dog just because I had the colours already. Im not sure what to do with him, maybe make a card or keyring?
I have bought more felt and plan to make these fellows next.