Thursday, 6 January 2011


This is how the garden flowers purse I got with Cath Kidston's Stitch! book is getting on.
Photobucket (this is the purse on the front cover)
I actually ran out of the pale pink and green threads so I need to buy more before it will be finished. I would say that there wasnt enough pink thread to complete the design which is annoying.

However the green, was eaten by my cat because I left it on the coffee table, we had to pull it out her throat (eww!)

Anyway so far I am pleased with the first cross stitch I have done in years.


This was the first time I used soluble canvas. I found it a bit difficult to begin with and still find my stitches can be a bit irregular with it.

Im so excited about cross stitch now,I bought some 14count canvas and a wooden hoop and I can't wait to do some designs of my own.

I think my first design might be a Cath Kidston one from the book but Im planning on changing the colours to shades of blue to create a 'Delft' tile style image. I also want to do a design with my initials in large font for a cusion or something.

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