Thursday, 31 March 2011

1940s hairstyle

I mentioned a while back that i was attending a swing party at the end April. Unfortunately its been canceled :(

however I had been practicing my look before it got canceled so here is my 1940s Betty Grable inspired hairstyle

what do you think?

Thanks to my boyfriend for taking the photos.

Im wearing my lovely vintage knit cardi that I got from the Blind Lemon vintage fair. My dress is from Dorothy Perkins its a lovely dress perfect for summer and reminds me of the dresses little victorian girls wore with their thick black tights and ankle boots. I tried to find a picture from the 1993 film Secret Garden to give an example because I know the girl wears a dress just like it, but nowhere had any stills.

I have a weeks holiday so Ive come back home to Coventry. I have internet here so expect a few catch up posts! at last!

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

32 Brinkburn Street

A great new drama on the BBC focusing on the life of a family living at 32 Brinkburn street. The episodes flit between the 1930s and present day. The families though 80 years apart have the same problems to deal with. Watch it on BBC iplayer and search 32 brinkburn street. there are some lovely characters and the set for the house in the 1930s is really well done.

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Computer problems

My poor computer is broken! I am currently using a friends laptop.
I am quite annoyed because my pc wasn't quite 2 years old and its beyond fixing! lame.

An update:

Ive booked my trip to Amsterdam!

I have been sewing a few little things mainly using patterns from 'Softies' a craft book.

The laptop has no photo card reader so I cant upload photographs.

Without a computer to distract me in the evenings I have been doing a lot of cooking. I love trying out new recipes (I think my boyfriend appreciates it too)
I will do a post on the meals I tried.

Tonight I am going to look at a prospective flat to rent when this tenancy runs out, it should be fun. I like my current flat and it is ideally located but a bit on the small side and rather expensive. So me and Ben will be looking for a new place for us to move into (it will be our first flat together not sharing with friends!!)

Anyway when the computer situation is solved I will be back to regular posts.

Wednesday, 2 March 2011


I don't think I have mentioned my boyfriends band 'Drafts' before so I thought I would be a shameless promoter and introduce you to their music. They are fun to watch indie/pop and you might like them if you like Biffy Clyro or Minus the Bear.

Drafts have been travelling further afield for gigs recently which is really good for getting new fans. South Wales is a really good place for its music scene there is a lot of musical talent and no shortage of places to play shows but there are only so many times you can play to the same people!

Coming up they have:
8th March @ The Good Ship, London
12th March @ Buffalo Bar, Cardiff

I'm really proud of them because they formed in early 2010 and they have already had 2 tracks aired on BBC Radio1 introducing with Bethan Elfyn and Adam Walton. They have recorded their first demo and have started on their first EP.!/DraftsUK - this one has some of their tracks on it

and here is their first video :)

next post will be back to normal promise!