Friday, 12 June 2009


I was looking at the Lulu Guiness website the other day as she has just celebrated 20years of her handbag business. I really want one of her lip clutch bags they are wonderful :P

I noticed whilst browsing that she had made some bags with lobster patterns on them. This instantly reminded me of Dahli's lobster telephone and his collaborations with Elsa Schiaparelli.
(bags by Lulu Guiness)

Dali's Lobster Telephone
One of schiaparelli and Dali's collaborations.

I then read the interview with Lulu on her website

and found that Elsa Schiaparelli was one of Lulu's influences. It all made sense now.
Elsa Shiaparelli (1890 - 1973)

Schiaparelli was at the height of her career during the inter war years, unfortunately her style was not as popular after WW2 which left room for designerslike Dior to take over with new styles Dior's style was very fitted with cinched waists and took full advantage of the end of the war by using more fabrics which had been on shortage previously.(note the longer skirt)

Shiaparelli's work was greatly influenced by the surrealist movement having met Man Ray and Duchamp and then collaborated with Salvador Dali and Alberto Giacometti.
Shiaparelli's outfits were worn by the likes of Mae West, Joan Crawford and Daisy Fellowes (heiress to the Singer sewing machine company). Elsa used crazy prints of banal objects and introduced visible colourful zips to clothing. One of her dresses even had visible rib cage and spine applique.
Photobucket Marlene Dietrich (German Actress)

I love the tailored suit jackets with the padded shoulders and intricate embroidery.
By 1932 Shiaparelli was employing 400 people including some of the best tailors around which made her wacky designs a reality.
Photobucket and the detailing of the red jackets sleeve

I really love the shape of the pockets on the front as well.


Another designer working at the same time was Coco Chanel. The boigraphical (is that a word) of her life is coming out soon starring Audrey Tautou as Coco. I would really like to see the film as the trailer looks wonderful! Chanel managed to survive the changes after the war and as you know the brand is still around today.
here is the trailor:

I think they should make a film about Elsa as well.
that is all for now :)
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Tuesday, 9 June 2009

English Garden Party

So I was browsing the internet today and I've found some pretty wonderful items that would be great for an Alice in Wonderland style tea party.

I will get this confession out the way now.....I do not like tea. My housemates(in fact most people)think I am crazy because of this, but I can't help it I have never EVER like tea. However I do love the scones and crumpets and other delicious cakes that come with a tea party so I will happily just sit with an ice cold lemonade :)

Anyway: first up is this beautiful kitschy tray from Urban Outfitters
I really want this tray! I can imagine a cute madhatter teapot and cups on it :)

Cupcakes are very 'in' at the moment and ive seen so many kitchen bits all with the fairy cake theme you wouldnt believe!
These are the kind of objects I mean:
Photobucket cookie jar - urban outfitters
Photobucket - tea towels debenhams.

Ive seen cheaper versions (but just as cute) in Dunhelm Mill and Matalan. So dont worry about the prices of these items!

I was looking through Katy Perry's blog
and she mentions I instantly fell in love with all the cute nicnacs and novelty items especially these cups and saucers

You cant have a tea party without checking out the queen of the English country home Cath Kidson.

there is a rather nice teapot along with tea cosey etc and also table cloths in the lovely prints.
It is a bit pricey but I love all the prints and patterns she uses on products its very kitsch and that appeals to me :)


If you would like some older pieces of crockery then i suggest antiques fairs and shops, they are best.
I also typed 'cake stands' into ebay and got some lovely results so have fun hunting :)

As for cakes hot cross buns and scones are my favourite with butter or jam and clotted cream yum yum!
It may be nice to serve up small sandwiches as well.