Monday, 30 May 2011

2 days...

until I move into my new flat.

I a so excited!!

I want one of these rocket lamps for the living room, Ive been watching them on ebay most need picking up though :(


I have however managed to win an onion and celery jar like the ones from my previous post.

Friday, 20 May 2011

new online vintage store

I literally stumbled upon this page by accident!

easy to use, and fabulous stock.

I cant wait for pay day to make a purchase!

check it out!

Tuesday, 17 May 2011


My latest sewing experiments
patterns from 101 Weekend cross stitch gifts by Lesley Teare

and Felt so good by Betz White
pleased with the windmill just need to stick a brooch to the back :)

Monday, 16 May 2011

Sad Onion and friends

I had a flashback the other day when I remembered my nanny's kitchen.

These delightful chaps are sylvaC pots -I know my nanny had the crying onion one!

I want some in my new kitchen so I'm bidding on ebay.

Yes I know they are grotesque and while part of me loves them a big half of me thinks they are both tacky and terrifying but I can't help wanting them!

I think they are 1960s or 70s cannot be sure though, the glaze and colours would suggest so and the fact that my nanny had them.

Thursday, 12 May 2011

Wish List

A dangerous thing...
Fully embracing the seventies now.

french connection £87

Monday, 9 May 2011

Recent purchases

French Connection Pick and mix bead dress £145.
I loved this a soon as I saw it, Its totally me in every way! very 1920s in style and so is the pattern on the material. Its more expensive than I would usually buy but I got a bit of discount as we sell it at work. When I wear it I will get a photo for you.

Barry M Instant nail effects £3.99
I love these paints, It gives the impression of professionally painted nails that took ages to do but its just quick and easy and cheap!

available in 4 colours, I bought the black as it goes with everything.
check out the tutorial:

The Muppet Show series 3!
I got series 1 for christmas off Ben and we both loved it! so when I saw series 3 on offer I had to buy it!
My favourite character by far is the Swedish Chef!Photobucket

Saturday, 7 May 2011

Late Royal Wedding post

So I forgot to mention what I did for the Royal Wedding!

Oh! but don't get too excited...

Firstly I got up and watched the ceremony on tv.Photobucket
Then in the afternoon I held a BBQ

Here are the cakes I made, I finally got to use my cake stand :D
And I made bunting with my sister.
and we all dressed up nicely in party frocks!

Hows that for a speedy little post.
for some reason my photos keep getting clipped on photobucket :/

Friday, 6 May 2011

1970s gems

More lovely seventies items.

These belong to my Mum, so I took pictures because the colours and photography is just so aesthetically pleasing to me at the moment!

This is a Habitat catalogue from 1975, I'm sure they sell similar items today! fashions really do come full circle! My Mum pointed out some of the light fixtues she and Dad had in their first house together.

All the prawn cocktails and aspic jellies you could dream of! :/PhotobucketPhotobucket
The 70s isnt normally an era I think about because I dont consider it vintage (my parents would be offended if I did ha!) But since finding the new flat Im keen to run with the style of the time to make a wonderfully groovy living space.

I tried to nab some of the kitchen items my parents had from Mum is still too fond of them.nevermind! I will have to hit the charity shops!

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Le Vian event

At work we held a Le Vian event, I have posted about the jewellery before. If I loved it before I certainly love it more than ever now!

We had 500 pieces brought over from the USA to display and sell and I got to wear some of it!

This was my favourite by far, which suprised me as I am not one for snakes or big statement jewellery!

I also wore this necklace

Both pieces are 14ct gold with chocolate diamonds. yum yum!

Monday, 2 May 2011

Moving House!

I cannot remember if I mentioned I was moving in with my boyfriend in June.

I am so excited!

We have found a lovely flat (still in Cardiff) we are both itching to move in now. It has all the charm of the 1970s going for it with circular bathroom tiles and wooden panelling. Ihave no ictures of it at the moment but here are some of my planned purchases to make it a fabulous seventies paradise:

PhotobucketTesco Direct Bobble floorlamp £45
PhotobucketTesco Direct arc floor lamp £50. I can't decide between these two, its hard to choose when you have only seen an online picture!
PhotobucketHabitat Fruiti jug £30
Photobucket John Lewis Walnut spoke wall clock £30.