Saturday, 29 May 2010

Madeline Caroll

First of the Hitchcock blondes in 39 Steps.

I love this story and I love Madeline Caroll, she was incredibly beautiful.


Friday, 21 May 2010

Wild Garden

When the wind blows, it will be fun.

Sunday, 16 May 2010

I watched silent movie 'It' (1927) today starring Clara Bow, Antonio Moreno and William Austin
Bow plays a savvy shop girl who falls in love with her new boss and uses her charm to try and win his heart.

Elinor Glyn the author the genius behind the story wrote:

It: "self-confidence and indifference as to whether you are pleasing of not"

'It' used to describe sex appeal brought about the term 'It girl' of which Clara Bow was made the first. It's easy to see why Clara was Chosen just look at this adorable still form the film

Here is another film still

I loved all the clothes, even her shopgirl uniform! I like her headscarf when she is on the boat, her cloche hat with grapes and her t-bar shoes.

Worth watching for: the scene where Clara cuts up her uniform, the jokes on the worded screens and Clara Bow herself!

Saturday, 15 May 2010

May Ball

My third and final May Ball.

This years theme was Paris, entertainment:
French band
French Street performers
Lethal Bizzle

Ben wore this piano tie and black braces! maybe I am turning him vintage after all?!

Was a great night, We had our picture drawn for free! The artists were so good it made me jealous of their talent! I need to start drawing again!


I had my bump it in and did some 1960s style makeup to match so hopefully you will be able to see it in these photos.

Feeder were incredible, it really took me back a few years! I'd never seen them live before last night. Made me feel 14 again! :)
Sadly I didn't get close enough to take a decent picture so here is a googled one!

My eyelashes were huge, too big really I will get some smaller next time, same goes for the shoes!

Friday, 14 May 2010

Perfect 1930s woman

Obviously this is just a bit of fun, but this was considered the 'perfect' woman in the 1930s.

(take note it was made up of 13 different stars of the time) so most of them did not fit the bill! Greta Garbo was 5"7 and a half!

At 5"4 I was quite pleased it was considered a good height because my boyfriend always teases me about being small. (He is 6"3, so I tell him I'll get a shorter boyfriend if he doesnt stop it!)

Diets have changed a lot since then so I was not suprised to find my waist was a lot bigger than 26 inches! or that feet were a lot smaller back then.


anyway hope this has been ok for a quick post, I got my finished photographs back yesterday and my text for the book sent off so I am feeling more relaxed today. Its the May Ball tonight so I will have pictures to share in the next few days.

Thursday, 13 May 2010


This time next week, I will have finished university for good!

after that I will do some decent posts, sorry guys! up to my eyeballs in photography this month!

this time next month, I will be moving out of Newport South Wales (at last!) and living 20mins down the M4 in Cardiff!


Monday, 10 May 2010

Business cards!

I finish uni forever next week! Scary and exciting times! I'm actually really looking forward to joining the real world.

I have a graduate exhibition at the end of the month where I will exhibit my final piece of work. I am having 9 A4 images mounted onto dibond and fixed to the wall.

I also want business cards made, I can't decide which image to choose for my cards though! I could do a pack with some of each image but some look better than others.

Here are the examples I have with the phtographs I have chosen for the cards, I just need to narrow it down to one! Maybe you could help me choose which?


My contact details will probably go on the back.

thanks :)

Friday, 7 May 2010

Bump it

My 'Bump Its' arrived today!

Post with pictures will come soon.


I <3 Beehives :D

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Hair Care

I am one of those people who will try a different shampoo and conditioner every time one runs out, mainly whatever is on offer (blush).

I got a free sample of James Browns new Scandalous dry shampoo at a Topshop student event. I was impressed, the tiny bottle lasted quite a while, it looked good, it worked well and it smells heavenly!

I then saw the conditioner from the same range as the free gift in Glamour magazine, since it was a good sized bottle I thought I'd buy it. Again a beautiful scent that made me feel like I had splashed out and spent a lot on a luxury item.

The prices for the full sized range at Boots actually is not too terrifying - most items being £5.99. This is a luxury I might buy more often.


Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Meet me in St Louis


Finally saw this film yesterday. I LOVE the Wizard of Oz (if you hadn't noticed) but I am not a very big Judy Garland fan, so I was keen to see Meet in St Louis as it is meant to be Judy Garland's other great role.

I enjoyed the film, I loved the songs. I had heard the 'Trolley song' before but never knew where it came from! 'Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas' is beautiful as well, I've always liked that song.
The quirky characters and close family relationship was fun to watch and was acted well. The 2 youngest sisters were hilarious, so mischeivious!
Judy Garland is pretty awesome too, her character (Esther) is silly in a girlish way about boys and marriage, but she is fun and clever and would do anything for her family.

The costumes, I thought for the most part they were hideous! But I am not a huge fan of Victorian fashion, and a lot of the colours they used were probably not accurate, just fun for a musical.
I thought the best costumes were for the Christmas ball scene.

I am sure you have all already seen it, but if not it is worth watching for the: cute storyline, great songs, Agnes and Tootie and the scene around the dinner table.

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

I have had 3 new followers in a week!
Thank you :)

I found this incredible makeup tutorial today, inspired by Marlene Dietrich.
I can't wait to give it a go!


Monday, 3 May 2010

Bank Holiday


So this morining I got up early, ready to get a lot of things done, only to remember its a bank holiday so,
Job 1. go to the bank: impossible.
Job 2. get prints sorted for final printing: printers is closed, also impossible!
Job 3. Re-write artist statment and email to tutors: can still be done.

So tomorrow will be a busy day!

Instead of curling back up in bed I decided to make the most of this lovely Bank holiday, so I baked a cake. (before 10.30 in the morning!)

I call this the Jackson Pollock Traybake.
I just use a standard fairy cake recipe but put it in a baking dish instead of seperate cake cases.

I used melted milk chocolate for the topping and just flicked it at the cake! fun :P
If I had a fully stocked cupboard I normally use both milk and white chocolate to create a marble effect, you can also do this with the cake mixture, spliting it before adding to the tray and adding coco powder to one lot of cake mixture then swirling and layering the different coloured cake in the tin.

So after I have had another go at my artist statment, I am going to curl up with a good classic film.

I found this awesome channel on youtube, where someone lovely has been posting classic films.

enjoy! :)
check it out!