Friday, 14 May 2010

Perfect 1930s woman

Obviously this is just a bit of fun, but this was considered the 'perfect' woman in the 1930s.

(take note it was made up of 13 different stars of the time) so most of them did not fit the bill! Greta Garbo was 5"7 and a half!

At 5"4 I was quite pleased it was considered a good height because my boyfriend always teases me about being small. (He is 6"3, so I tell him I'll get a shorter boyfriend if he doesnt stop it!)

Diets have changed a lot since then so I was not suprised to find my waist was a lot bigger than 26 inches! or that feet were a lot smaller back then.


anyway hope this has been ok for a quick post, I got my finished photographs back yesterday and my text for the book sent off so I am feeling more relaxed today. Its the May Ball tonight so I will have pictures to share in the next few days.

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  1. Thats cute. It is always interesting to learn about what other decades considered the "ideal" figure. :)