Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Meet me in St Louis


Finally saw this film yesterday. I LOVE the Wizard of Oz (if you hadn't noticed) but I am not a very big Judy Garland fan, so I was keen to see Meet in St Louis as it is meant to be Judy Garland's other great role.

I enjoyed the film, I loved the songs. I had heard the 'Trolley song' before but never knew where it came from! 'Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas' is beautiful as well, I've always liked that song.
The quirky characters and close family relationship was fun to watch and was acted well. The 2 youngest sisters were hilarious, so mischeivious!
Judy Garland is pretty awesome too, her character (Esther) is silly in a girlish way about boys and marriage, but she is fun and clever and would do anything for her family.

The costumes, I thought for the most part they were hideous! But I am not a huge fan of Victorian fashion, and a lot of the colours they used were probably not accurate, just fun for a musical.
I thought the best costumes were for the Christmas ball scene.

I am sure you have all already seen it, but if not it is worth watching for the: cute storyline, great songs, Agnes and Tootie and the scene around the dinner table.


  1. I love Meet Me in St Louis! It is actually one of my favourite movies. I think that's because it just always makes me happy :)


  2. Yes its definitely a got the feel good factor :)

  3. I finally watched it the other week too, must admit like yourself i've never really been a fan of Ms Garland until watching her in this film.