Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Disney and Fashion

One thing I love about Disney, is that you can often guess the time they were made by the fashion worn by the characters in the film.

The first example would be Snow White, made in 1937 was Disney's first full length animated feature.

Snow White, while in fairytale costume has the sleek bob fashionable in the 1920s and 30s the shape of it suggests pincurls. Photobucket
In Pinocchio (1940) we have the Blue Fairy, similar to the style of Snow white with a headband, the fairy's hair is slightly longer as was the fashion of 1940s.Photobucket
Cinderella was released in 1950. in the beginning of the film when Cinderella is a servant to her wicked stepmother she has a curled hairstyle which is tied in a scarf. This style is reminicent of the late 1940s.

after her transformation for the ball, Cinderella has a curled updo with headband. Complicated updos practically define the 1940s as an eraPhotobucket

There are some exceptions to this such as in Peter Pan and Sleeping Beauty which were stories set in a specific time (Medieval and Edwardian England).

However animals are no exception! take 1977s 'The Rescuers' Miss Bianca wears a lovely fur hat similar to the pill box style
and the film's villain Madame Medusa has the style of the era down to a tee with her bright cropped hair, neon makeup and flashy earrings.

The Little Mermaid is the most obvious of all these examples. Her gorgeous red hair which I have envied since I was a toddler has the classic volume and fringe of the 1980s
Photobucket Her outfit when she gets on land is also very eighties with a sort of corseted dress and matching blue bow in her hair.
And check out that wedding dress! It screams 1980s with the puffy sleeves and (in the film) it practically moves beacuase of all the glitter.Photobucket

I hope this has been interesting for you. :)

Saturday, 27 March 2010

Cath Kidston envy

I got the new Cath Kidston catalogue through the post the other day, well I wish I had waited to decorate my room now...

look at this amazingly gorgeous wallpaper!

(not that I can afford it!)

Friday, 26 March 2010

Bristol and BANKSY

I went to Bristol last night to a gig played by some of my boyfriends course mates.
It was a good show, there was a nice mix of electronic music and awesome visuals :)

I saw 2 pieces by guerilla graffiti artist Banksy whilst I was there.

this huge astronaut is on the side of 'The Full Moon' pub in the city centre.

This was just a bit further up the road.

I didnt take this photo, it was too high up and dark to get a good one.

Banksy's new film 'Exit through the Gift shop' is showing now at a few selected cinemas.

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

More Holly Fulton

I love Asos! it has a collection of Holly Fulton Dresses for bargainous prices!
I am tempted to buy one for this years May Ball but I can't choose which one. It's between the yellow and the beige sleeved shift dress.
They also have a lovely skirt and some new jewellery. A contemporary Art Deco heaven.

Ellie Goulding is wearing a piece in her video for 'Starry Eyed'. I think its just the necklace I can't be sure about the dress.

its a fab song, sorry you can only see half of the video, I'm not sure how to change that? any ideas?

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Art Deco Animation

I mentioned the art deco style cartoon sequence from the new Disney film The Princess and the Frog. I have now found a short extract of it to show you. I think its fabulous!

enjoy ;)

Monday, 22 March 2010

1970s Dresses

These dresses belong to my mother. I recently bought a book called 'isms...understanding fashion' there are some examples in the book which reminded me of my mother's old dresses. This is what the book writes about this trend:

Nostalgic Romanticism

Nostalgic Romanticism took its stylistic cues from the pastoral idylls of Victorian and Edwardian Britain and found expression in simple smocked dresses and aprons in delicately printed cottons.

It then gives Laura Ashley as an example.

Photobucket this is a bridesmaid dress my mum wore for her cousin's wedding. I like it very much, although its a bit long because my mum is taller than me and used to wear the 70s platforms and wedges. (don't laugh at my expression, I am not good with being photographed, I'm used to being behind the camera!)
Photobucket this is a close up of the fabric

I love this green dress, the floral patterns and bright green remind me of the play suits Maria makes for the Von Trapp children in 'The Sound of Music'.
The dress is too big for me on the shoulders so the sleeves kept falling down, hence the pose.
Photobucket just call me Emily von Trapp ;)

This dress is velvet, it was hard to show that in the picture. I had to leave the green backdrop of my sisters room!

Lastly, my sister is wearing a floral skirt and blouse set, there was a petticoat to go underneath because it is very see-through. My mum wore this to a friend's wedding.
This is outfit is so pretty!

Thursday, 18 March 2010

Apologies and Peter Fraser Exhibition

Hi, its been a long time since I wrote something really interesting/ detailed on this blog. I am really busy with uni work and my part time job. However, I am going home this weekend and am going to write a blog on 1970s the 'nostalgic romanticism' trend (think laura ashley), with examples of course :)

I have also managed to persued my boyfriend to take some decent pictures of me in some of my vintage or vintage inspired outfits as well, just because I don't do it often! I definitely want to steer this blog back to a vintage fashion, historical and photography theme, is that too varied?

Also, some sad news yesterday. I went on a day trip to see the most recent Peter Fraser exhibition so I thought I would pop into my favourite vintage shop which was nearby, only to find it had closed down :(
I'm pretty gutted!

anyway here are some of the images from the Peter Fraser exhibition, I believe he has photographed stately homes around Wales. You will not be able to tell from these images but if you do get to see the exhibition or the book you will notice the reoccuring blue theme throughout which I like very much.


Sunday, 14 March 2010

Cutie Pies

So I went for a cheap and easy meal for me and my boyfriend the other day. Birdseye chicken pies.

I felt quite sad when I was putting them in the oven though:


cute pie faces :[

Monday, 1 March 2010

Wind Turbines


Hello again,

So it's March already! I turned my calendar today to find this lovely photograph...'Somewhere over the Rainbow'

I saw a rainbow this weekend, I went down to Oxfordshire, where my boyfriend is from. I needed to take some photographs for my university project. The weather was pretty miserable but I have a few decent photographs for my next seminar.

I love wind turbines, they are beautiful. Here are some of the pictures, I wont put the images I plan to use in my project on here until its all handed in.
Whilst down in Oxford we went to see The Wolfman at the cinema, it was really good! I was expecting it to be a bit cheesy as gothic style horror films can be eg: Van Helsing. Instead it was a really good film that harked back to classic horror. No excessive CGI which is a pet hate of mine!

It was a nice relief from the zombie movies that the box office has been inundated with recently. I like a good zombie film, but there are too many now, nothing new seems to happen in them.

Emily Blunt was fantastic in the film, as was Benicio Del Toro. Anthony Hopkins also acted well, however I really didn't like his character! The costumes were nice and I love the moody atmospheric way it was filmed, the old neglected mansion was great too. The film is gory, but I could handle it so it can't have been too bad.

I figured out the plot pretty quickly but it didnt ruin the film for me, there were still a few twists to enjoy.