Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Personalised jewellery!!

Ernest Jones now do a gorgeous range of personalised jewllery on their website. You can get messages engraved on unique earrings, pendants, rings and bracelets. Choose from the range of settings add your birthstone or just your favourite colour and then your preferred precious metal.

here is an example:


this is a citrine and diamond ring in 9ct gold.

I would love this for christmas and the matching earring as well please Santa ;)

Monday, 28 November 2011

more lovely boots

I know I have just bought some heeled boots but....

I feel like I must have these velvet chelsea platform boots:

Asos £65

Ive seen Jameela Jamil wearing a red pair on T4 which were a really nice shade. I think they must be these from Urban Outfitters? I do prefer the asos ones for myself though.Photobucket

gonna keep my eye on them and see how much money I have left after christmas shopping

Friday, 25 November 2011

Outfit Sorted.

I went with the boots from Boohoo and while I was there this dress caught my eye so I got that as well haha.

Should be buying for others....


the dress was £18 so thats a bargain in my eyes! so looking forward to christmas :)

Ive got my presents all mapped out so now I just have to go and shop for them.

Oh also HORROR of horrors! I went to put the tree up yesterday evening and guess what?! 2 of its feet are missing!! So unless you can buy spare feet for a tree Im going to have to buy a new one :/

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

still resisting putting up the tree! how good am I?

I can't wait for pay day so I can start getting my christmas presents for everyone, I have some great ideas this year I wont post them because I don't want to ruin any suprises.

My work christmas party is soon as well, what shall I wear?!

I will probably use a dress I already own but I have a lack of shoes, well at least ones that arent seriously scuffed!

New Look is always my first go-to for shoes theyre so cheap and good quality:
Photobucket These look they are straight out of Disneys Hercules! Gold winged shoes like Hermes wears :D £22.50

and look another Gucci inspired purple and gold heel! I LOVE these they are a much closer match to the Gucci pair!
A bit more pricey at £42 from Dorothy Perkins

I also love these shoe boots from Boohoo
Photobucket these are a resonable £35

I will do another post when I have decided! x

Monday, 21 November 2011

I have an unbelievable new love for all things terrapin and turtle like since getting the boys. So I thought I would get another one virtual style to save on costs :)

Monday, 14 November 2011

Christmas decs!

So everyone on facebook has been posting they have seen the Coca Cola advert and christmas is here. (I havent had the pleasure yet, Ben bought Skyrim for the xbox so I havent been able to get near the tv since friday night!)

Im actually literally bursting seriously cannot wait to put up my christmas tree this year. I think Im so excited because its our first christmas alone together in the flat! There will be no housemates pesky (but adorable) kitten to pull over the tree!
Ben said its too soon for the decorations so Ive started stocking up so I can put it all out together. Ive also been making a few festive bits handmade christmas is the best, you saw my last post about the decoupage photoframes...

I was going to buy these from Ikea but they had sold out and I thought to myself 'don't be so lazy Emily you can make those easily' so I sat down today and made my own mushroom :) Photobucket
Mine reminds me of Disneys Fantasia hehe

Down the road there is a little boutique with the most delicious candyland christmas display it is ADORABLE sugar mice, gingerbread houses and lollipops I bought one because it was £3 and just too good to say no!
Im definitley not a matchy matchy person I want a mad eclectic tree in all colours, I like to get things that mean something to me or remind me of christmas at home. I bought a delft style bauble in Amsterdam so that will also be on my tree.
Im rambling now so I will end this post go listen to Bing Crosby, watch the tv waiting for the holidays to come and show you pictures of everything when its all out of the boxes!

Tuesday, 8 November 2011


Have you been watching Kirtsies Handmade Britain?

I have and I am inspired!

I started a decoupage project after watching the second episode look at my christmas themed photo frame!

I used christmas wrapping paper and last years Cath Kidston christmas catalogue and I have deocrated 2 frames but I have yet to get a picture for the second.

I think I will make a seaside themed one for my sailboat cross stitch when I eventually finish it.

Monday, 7 November 2011

Breaking out the Fondue

Ben and I bought a fondue set in Amsterdam and last night we tried it out!

It was so delicious I cant even describe to you!

I took the recipe for 'Dutch fondue' from the Hamlyns Fondue Cookbook (1p on amazon) which is the exact same book as my mum has from the seventies, but she didnt want to part with it so I bought the same one.
We used bake your own bread rolls and meatballs as our chosen dipping food.
The cheese was essentially white wine, gouda cheese and edam with seasoning and a bit of cornflour.

BEN even had a heinken for double the authenticity.

I am definitely going to invite my friends over and have a fondue party soon :)

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

House love

I love having a space of my own (with the bf of course).

We go a bit mental with buying things to fill it with, but personalising a space is what makes a rented flat a home right?

Ikea purchases:
VILMIE RUTA I love the geometric retro pattern and the colours go so well in our flat.

Cheeky thrift finds:

amazing french glass and jug set with cute sailboats which I found in a charity shop in Grove they cost me like £3.50 there are 5 glasses in total but they were in the sink ha.

Le Crueset pans absolute bargain at £4 from a second hand yard in Wantage.(they are my fave colour as well!!)
Ive tried to match the table cloth with the kitchen tiles, its not perfect but good enough for now!

Photobucket I put these posters in the living room because the colours in each matched the room the yellows match the walls and the blues in the star wars poster matched the sofa, it ties the room together.

Continuing that seventies theme with Star Wars the frames are from Ikea.