Friday, 25 September 2009

Sushi Experience

So i had my first sushi experience the other day. I do not like seafood so i stuck to the vegtarian ones. was interesting but I think I will stick to noodles myself. Ben however loved it. Photobucket

One thing I did enjoy was the sushi restaurants decor, it was just how I imagine Japan to be.
Transformers and giant Sakura flowers adorned the walls and a little convyer belt took the sushi around in little colourful bowls right where we sat.

check out the sushi chopstick holder!! ^__^

Sushi might not be to my taste but it sure is beautiful to look at here are some sushi lovely bits that I am craving.

Check the sushi jewellery here:

Sushi plasters from Borders

I was reading Katy Perry's blog and she had some awesome sushi nails done whilst she was in Japan look here
Photobucket Photobucket

Do you like sushi? have you been to Japan? do you have any cool sushi parapheralia?

Saturday, 19 September 2009

Alice in Wonderland

I photographed a wedding over the holiday and as a thank you gift the bride and groom bought me an absolutley wonderful copy of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland AND Through the Looking Glass by Lewis Caroll.

Apparently they bought it from a second hand bookshop, because they new how much I loved the story. And guess what!!?! The book they bought me is almost 100 years old!
The inscription inside says 'Christmas 1911' so some lucky girl or boy got the story as a christmas present all those years ago. The book is in pretty good condition considering its age, although it has obviously been read a lot as the spine of the book is a bit worn and discoloured.
It has both colour and black and white illustrations, you know the iconic ones by Sir John Tenniel.

My favourite picture in the book is the gold embelished White Rabbit on the front cover.

I love all the characters from the books but I must admit to liking the Queen of hearts the most. My 19th birthday (im almost 21 now) was fancy dress and i wanted to go as the Queen of Hearts so my mum helped me make my own version of the Queen of hearts costume, what do you think? (the photos dont do it much justice because i forgot to take a full length one, i was too excited by it being my birthday!)
My friend and I share a birthday so she went as Alice :)

As you can tell i'm slightly obsessed. I cant wait for Tim burton's version of the story to be released the trailor looks epic!

I think i might go watch the Disney film now!

byeee x

Thursday, 17 September 2009

My room

Over the holidays I had my room redecorated, its not quite finished but it's almost there. I have the box room so there isnt space for a lot of furniture once my bed gets in, but my dad is going to put some more shelves up for me.

Ok so heres the theme, think Marie Antoinette and Versailles, now because its a small room i couldnt go overboard with golds and florals, so I went for the Petit Trianon style you know country farmhouse, delft pottery blue etc but i think ive done ok. There are no pictures as of yet but i thought id post a few of the lovely finishing touches ive added and then when its all complete i'll take photographs and post them here.

Photobucket (just a bit of plugging for one of my fave films)

I got my furniture mainly from ikea:
Photobucket and i have the matching hanging shelves.

I couldnt believe it when i found these adorable cusions in Dunelm Mill, they match perfectly and i can imagine marie antoinette wearing the pretty shoes.PhotobucketPhotobucket
for my floor i decided to go with the painted floorboards and sheepskin rug, its so soft!!Photobucket (also ikea)

Versailles would not be Versailles without big pots of beautiful flowers, im going to go to Hobbycraft and buy some plastic pink roses and other complimetary flowers and try to recreate something like this:Photobucket
I already have a beautiful jug which was my grandmothers, it is white with blue swallows on it, i will have to photograph that as well. The jug is a bit like this Photobucket(dont you just love lady gaga, i couldnt resist putting this in, her costumes are MAD!)

Obviously I do need some floral patterns in my room so im incorporating that into all my bedding. i got one duvet set from ikea a simple white with blue flowers and one from the V&A museum shop Photobucket
basically im taking the images from my 'look book' folder and showing you some of my inspirations for my room, then when i get a photograph you can see what you think.

I have roman blinds for my small bay window and when i get some more money I will buy some nice floral curtains to go infront (i probably wont ever close them its, they would just be a statement piece) and of course the obligatory chandelier, i have yet to find one in my price range and small enough to go nicely in my room. this one i did see in B&Q is the kinda thing i was going for but when i looked it was huge and expensiveeeeeeeeeeeee!! eep!Photobucket

I wish i had room for a lovely dressing table but i dont,id love somehting from this place:

instead im going to have to fill a shelf with lovely perfume bottles and trinket boxes.Photobucket
anyway thats it for now, hope that wasnt too dull without images of my actual room yet. Everything must look quite white and bland but 3 of my walls are a sort of bright royal blue so it needed toning down with all the white stuff x

Monday, 14 September 2009


Ive not posted in so long now I cant remember what I've been doing!
So i will just mention the Barbie Exhibition I saw on holiday.

So I went to Majorca for a week in August and I was delighted to stumble across a Barbie exhibition! (in truth I have never grown up and still get excited by Barbie dolls and other wonderful girly stuff).
The exhibition was on the top floor of Palma's El Court des Ingles (a big department store). Barbie it seems is 50 this year! Congrats Barbie! So she got her own celebratory show.Photobucket (this is me all over excited)
Here are some of the many photographs i took showing my favourite Barbies from the exhibition.
Here is a 1920s Barbie with a wonderful costume, I would love to own a coat like that haha.
A copy of the fist ever Barbie made (or so I think, all the writing was in Spanish!)
Photobucket Queen Elizabeth I, one of my most favourite historical characters.

Remember one of my older posts where I mentioned Cristian Dior and the 'New Look'? well look what they had a Barbie of!!


and Chanel...PhotobucketPhotobucket
an amazing Aztec Princess, i love the costume on this as well very carnival-esque and lots of pretty gold!

Some great Legends now:

Ive seen the Audrey Hepburn, Holly Golighty Doll in the pink dress on eBay before.

I like how in this box they used the young dolls to make Jane and Micheal that was such a good idea!

I lve this film, wish they had had a dorothy for sale :(

- uploading all those photos took ages so i'm going to leave this post here and continue giving you a catch up later.

hope you liked the Barbies, and especially all their wonderful costumes.

bye for now x