Tuesday, 29 May 2012

'Lets go to the Beach Beach!'

...'lets go to the waves!' Sunny day in Southerndown South Wales
We drew in the sand, we ate a picnic and we paddled up to our knees (weather may be mega hot but the sea was FREEZING!!)

'Last Friday Night!'

A fun night out on Friday. Me and my friend Alexa
Me and Ben
Me and the bear :)

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Leisurely day shopping

I spent this lovely sunshiny day shopping. I had a little splurge in the bargain store round the corner to top up my craft box.

I bought some white cards and envelopes for card making. DSCF8708

PVA - an essential, I use so much of it! I use it for all my decoupage projects.

The crazy birds! They clip onto things, I wanted some over christmas for my tree but the ones in Paperchase were really expensive! So when I saw these I had to get them. I want do something more creative with them. Any ideas?

A recent online purchase were these jelly lenses for your camera phone or digital camera.
A Beautiful Mess did a post on them and I just had to get some of my own!
DSCF8673 I can't wait to take them out into the park later!

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Finished at last!

I finished my paint by numbers! here it is: DSCF8707 I cannot wait to hang this on the wall in our new flat!

I also have a new Chamilia bead, it is the thin one with yellow stones in. I think I will buy another so I have more yellow on my bracelet and so its symmetrical (sort of).
I got the bead from Ernest Jones

Do you have a charm bracelet? I would love to know which kind and what charms you have.

Emily x

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Sunny weekend!

Ive been enjoying the fabulous weather this weekend. Me and my boyfriend Benjamin spent Saturday viewing flats. because we are trying to save for a deposit to buy our own house sadly we will be moving from our beautiful flat to a cheaper one. We explored a new area of Cardiff and stumbled upon Thompson park, another pretty spot enclosed with an iron fence. It has a fountain and pond with ducks and lots of pretty trees and plants. The Victorians sure do know how to plan a park! Sunday me and a friend went to a car boot sale by the SEA! Wales rocks sometimes, check the view: DSCF8687
I bought some Mac eyeliner from a stall that had lots of great makeup for really cheap, including benefit and O.P.I nail polish. I also bought some card making bits from a crafty stall. I didn't buy anything second hand, since we are downsizing I showed a lot of restraint that I normally wouldn't. For instance there was a stall selling owl ornaments (I think someone was getting rid of their collection) the table was just covered in owls and owl pictures I would have had a field day usually! Then we went round the corner to Cosmeston a nature park with lakes and a medieval village. We just stuck to the lakes this time but I would love to go back soon.
More photos of birds, I like photographing them because they are constantly moving it feels like a real achievement when you actually get a good shot. DSCF8696

Friday, 4 May 2012


So since my week holiday has ended I havent had much time to blog or anything else really! My paint by numbers is still waiting to be finished DSCF8657 I have nothing much else to say right now (boring I know sorry!) until next time, Emily x