Wednesday, 29 February 2012

American Sweet Epidemic!

So I'm not sure if this is a nationwide phenomenon but in Cardiff over the past 6months there has been a surge of American style sweet shops popping up in every available spot, offering sweet treats from across the pond.

I love sweets and I especially love trying out all the treats I have heard about from American films such as candy corn and Twinkies (which I actually didn't enjoy, but at least now I know).

They also offer sweets we would probably recognise here in the UK such as skittles and pop tarts but they are available in a million and one different flavours such as tropical or vanilla milkshake.Photobucket

The best part for me is getting to enjoy the sweets I ate as a child that disappeared from the UK market.
I mentioned I had bought some Lucky Charms cereal but I have also found Ring Pops (my all time fave) and Nerds and Dweebs! yum yum yum!

These shops are so much fun to look around but beware they can be expensive!

Is there one in your area? any suggestions of sweets I should try?

Monday, 27 February 2012

Weekend with my sister

My sister and her boyfriend came to visit for a few days, it was lovely!

We went out, shopped, played board games, watched films and ate some yummy food!

I made my best fondue yet! I used a tip from Cook like Heston coating the cheese with cornflour when grated, it worked a charm!

We ate Gyoza at Wagamamas in Cardiff Bay <3 I love gyoza its my fave!

We played The Walking Dead board game I got Ben for christmas, it was a tricky one to get a hang of but we think we played it right haha.

I love my sister we get on so well, I can tell her anything and she is hilarious :)
missing her already!!

oh and finally a photo with my fringe! Its getting too long already, but I will definitely keep it for a while.


Saturday, 18 February 2012

Spring Clean

So Saturday was the first day off Ive had in ages, my boyfriend is away in London so I thought I would invite my friends over for dinner and some drinks.

We hadn't seen each other since my birthday so there wass much catching up to do. I didn't cook anything too difficult just a spaghetti bolognaise (yes another one) I did try the focaccia recipe I mentioned in my bread related post.



It tasted pretty good, it wasn't as flat or oily as I think focaccia is supposed to be (but when I write it like that it doesn't sound appetising anyway!) any tips?

Ive also had to clean the state that is my flat. The terrapins are squeaky clean as well, Ben normally cleans them so I had to pretty much blag my way through the cleaning process, my back is killing me and their water doesnt even look as nice as when Ben does it...still better than the green soup they were swimming in, poor darlings!

hope you all had lovely weekends

Emily x

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Catch up II


Lucky Charms breakfast
Valentines spag bol in slow cooker
Valentines Table for two :)

Emily x

Monday, 13 February 2012

Sew Awesome!

Here is my exciting news...


I finally got my sewing machine!
Sorry about blurred photo.

Do not expect fantastical craft tutorials or posts anytime soon as I havent really used a sewing machine since school and thats quite a while. I had a little practise yesterday I wouldn't say it all came flooding back to me because I don't think I was very good back then. I just need a really easy project to start on. I'm thinking cushion cover, I have a design in mind I just need to buy materials.

Also I was really suprised at how quiet my machine is! My mum's machine is quite old 70s probably or 80s, it weighs a tonne and is quite deafening! My lovely modern Janome is not hehe.

Emily x

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Catch up Post

I am having computer problems atm so I can only use the internet intermittantly.

Here are some recent photos to keep you updated on my week:

finally got a 70s style sunburst clock for the flat, I still want a proper vintage one but I saw this on sale for £10 I couldnt say no!
I got another pair of Vans because I wear my blue ones so much. I havent seen anyone with the grey before.
Yummy Chicken sandwich (made with my own bread!)
This weeks Graze Box, the pistachios are my favourite.
I am looking forward to breakfast tomorrow :D

I have an exciting post for next time...well I think it is exciting!

Emily x

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Bread mmmmmm!

I baked bread for the first time yesterday.

I am preeeeetty pleased with myself I must say!


I used this recipe:

The thought of making bread used to scare me, I think its the yeast part, I don't know why. But this recipe is so easy to follow.

Using the same recipe you can make a foccacia bread (the method is slightly different). I'm going to try that out soon so I will post the results.

Thursday, 2 February 2012