Saturday, 18 February 2012

Spring Clean

So Saturday was the first day off Ive had in ages, my boyfriend is away in London so I thought I would invite my friends over for dinner and some drinks.

We hadn't seen each other since my birthday so there wass much catching up to do. I didn't cook anything too difficult just a spaghetti bolognaise (yes another one) I did try the focaccia recipe I mentioned in my bread related post.



It tasted pretty good, it wasn't as flat or oily as I think focaccia is supposed to be (but when I write it like that it doesn't sound appetising anyway!) any tips?

Ive also had to clean the state that is my flat. The terrapins are squeaky clean as well, Ben normally cleans them so I had to pretty much blag my way through the cleaning process, my back is killing me and their water doesnt even look as nice as when Ben does it...still better than the green soup they were swimming in, poor darlings!

hope you all had lovely weekends

Emily x

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