Monday, 27 February 2012

Weekend with my sister

My sister and her boyfriend came to visit for a few days, it was lovely!

We went out, shopped, played board games, watched films and ate some yummy food!

I made my best fondue yet! I used a tip from Cook like Heston coating the cheese with cornflour when grated, it worked a charm!

We ate Gyoza at Wagamamas in Cardiff Bay <3 I love gyoza its my fave!

We played The Walking Dead board game I got Ben for christmas, it was a tricky one to get a hang of but we think we played it right haha.

I love my sister we get on so well, I can tell her anything and she is hilarious :)
missing her already!!

oh and finally a photo with my fringe! Its getting too long already, but I will definitely keep it for a while.


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