Monday, 13 February 2012

Sew Awesome!

Here is my exciting news...


I finally got my sewing machine!
Sorry about blurred photo.

Do not expect fantastical craft tutorials or posts anytime soon as I havent really used a sewing machine since school and thats quite a while. I had a little practise yesterday I wouldn't say it all came flooding back to me because I don't think I was very good back then. I just need a really easy project to start on. I'm thinking cushion cover, I have a design in mind I just need to buy materials.

Also I was really suprised at how quiet my machine is! My mum's machine is quite old 70s probably or 80s, it weighs a tonne and is quite deafening! My lovely modern Janome is not hehe.

Emily x


  1. Yey good for you! I'm highly jealous because my sewing machine is still sitting on the floor till we figure out how to fix the table. I love all the fancy buttons and gadgets you get on modern sewing machines, I have no idea what they all do, or if I'd ever use them all but they look so fun!

    1. I love the look of your vintage one it will fab when it is running. the fancy bits are just the different stitches (on my machine anyway) i actually went for a really basic one because i find the idea of sewing machines quite daunting!