Wednesday, 29 February 2012

American Sweet Epidemic!

So I'm not sure if this is a nationwide phenomenon but in Cardiff over the past 6months there has been a surge of American style sweet shops popping up in every available spot, offering sweet treats from across the pond.

I love sweets and I especially love trying out all the treats I have heard about from American films such as candy corn and Twinkies (which I actually didn't enjoy, but at least now I know).

They also offer sweets we would probably recognise here in the UK such as skittles and pop tarts but they are available in a million and one different flavours such as tropical or vanilla milkshake.Photobucket

The best part for me is getting to enjoy the sweets I ate as a child that disappeared from the UK market.
I mentioned I had bought some Lucky Charms cereal but I have also found Ring Pops (my all time fave) and Nerds and Dweebs! yum yum yum!

These shops are so much fun to look around but beware they can be expensive!

Is there one in your area? any suggestions of sweets I should try?


  1. ring pops!! Nerds!! love 'em both. There have been a few shops like that popping up in Cardiff recently, would have spent all my pocket money there as a teenager x

  2. I wish these shops would pop up in Newcastle! Ring pops were my favourite as a kid. When my friends back from uni, she brings a huge supply of nerds with her :D check out my blog? follow if you enjoy! XD
    New Follower! xo

  3. I would love to get my hands on some Lucky Charms! xxx