Monday, 28 February 2011


Hoping to book my holiday tomorrow! Its exciting, my new years resolution to travel is actually happening!

My plan is to go to Amsterdam with Ben (it will be our first holiday together!)


I cant wait to see the floating market that sells all the beautiful flowers and the wonderful architecture. I especially want some time to get back into my photography and visitng a new country is the perfect time to do so.

I have a list as long as my arm of things we both want to do but if any of you have been and would like to suggest somewhere or something to see please do!

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

A video made at the Cardiff Blind Lemon Vintage fair was posted on facebook so I thought I'd put it in my blog. I didnt see me or my friend in the video but equally I didnt see a video camera filming while I was there. (too busy shopping probably!)

I love the closeups of the old french fashion magazines :)

Monday, 21 February 2011

Shilton clutch

At Judy's Affordable vintage fair I got a lovely yellow polka dot dress from Maggies Dress (where I got my jumper at Blind Lemon) and a white clutch bag from a stall selling Nylon Sky jewellery.

I already own a similar clutch I got from a charity shop a few years ago and have almost destroyed through use! oops!

The labels in both bags say 'Shilton International' Im sure they are from the 80s. A quick search threw up a lot of Jane Shilton bags which is a UK brand that still exists today so I think it may be of this brand.

The white one I bought yesterday and is in much better condition and looks to be newer than the one I already owned (looking at the inside of the bag the lining and label seem to be more modern)


I want to show you the vintage clothes I havent yet photographed so I am going to get my boyfriend to take some for me soon. I havent even photographed my fur coat for you yet and Ive had that since November!!

Saturday, 19 February 2011

Another Fair!

Judy's Affordable vintage fair at Cardiff University Students Union tomorrow. £2 entry!

I havent been before but looks promising.

it visits 22 cities nationwide so check the website for one near you.

I dont have much money to spend this time but its always nice to look :)

Monday, 14 February 2011

Boardwalk Empire

Saturday night tv is getting really good right now, I have The Tudors and Boardwalk Empire to watch!

Sky Atlantic channel is showing Boardwalk empire. Set in Atlantic City in the 1920s at the start of prohibition. It is both glamorous and violent showing the harsh realities of the time. Even after studying this era at Alevels I forget that life in the USA was very different to that of Briatain at the same time, despite both America and Britain recovering from the first world war, and racial equality still not around. In America women had not yet received the vote and obviously the liquer ban gave rise to much gang related crime.

The acting is superb and the costumes and set (my favourite parts) are wonderful also. The women all have quite long hair still as it is early in the decade and the silhouettes of the poorer characters clothes are very much in the edwardian style. The numerous main characters have intertwining storylines and the gap between the social classes is shown wonderfully.

Starring Steve Buscemi as Enock Thompson, Michael Pitt as Jimmy Darmody and Kelly Macdonald as Margaret Schroeder (my favourite character).
If you like Road to Perdition or Band of Brothers or The Sopranos this is a show for you.

Friday, 11 February 2011

Vintage Finds!

So I found my camera charger (fairly soon after I started looking properly).

I promised a post about my vintage finds from the Blind Lemon Vintage fair:


Ive wanted a pair of sheer black gloves for ages but normally the vintage ones are super tiny and I havent found any to fit! I was lucky this time and saw these pair for a wonderful £3.50! I was sure Id got inspiration for them from Bette Davis in the film in All about Eve (1950) but now I'm not so sure where I saw them. Its a cracking film by the way if you get chance to see it! Bette is wonderful at her role as the diva Margo. I also loved the supporting role played by Celeste Holme as Margos kind and levelheaded friend Karen, she was beautiful! Marilyn Monroe has a bit part also.Photobucket

This next one was also a bit of luck. There were a lot of vintage leather suitcases on sale this time but on in particular caught my eye. It had my initials painted on it! I couldnt let that pass me by! It is in fairly good condition just a couple of bashes to the corners which you would expect on a old used case. I want to know who it belonged to now! £25 it cost me.PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket

I also got a cute knitted short sleeve jumper top very 1940s in style but I doubt its that old. Its currently hanging out to dry so I will get a photo of it for you soon.


Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Tapestry Bags

I went to The Blind Lemon Vintage Fair at the weekend and one thing that stood out a lot was the selection of tapestry bags.

They have come back in fashion recently with quite a few versions on the high street and I love them!

Here are a selection from the high street and some vintage numbers I have found online:
My favourite from the high street and most similar to the original vintage styles, lovely framed bag with pretty floral image, bargain at £12.99 from New Look, perfect for a night out!

Great size for everyday use, work or university. Pretty tan and light coloured tapestry. £36.99 River Island.

cute dinky frame purse, for all your coins. £10.00 Topshop

Beautiful framed bag with chain (a common handle for vintage tapestry bags) Pretty embroidery pattern. £54 My Vintage


Fantastic 1950s handbag from £53.00 but worth every penny!

Another 1950s bag this time from . £45 unusual shape and mix of colours in this one.

Last but not least from £42 lovely rigid form handbag again 1950s.

If these examples are out of your price range at this time of the month (they are to me!)I would recommend trying a local vintage fair. With the popularity of tapestry bags right now, there are a lot about for reasonable prices and if you are there with the seller face to face you can bargain the price also!

Expect a post soon on my vintage fair purchases, I have lost my camera battery charger so no photos at the moment.

Friday, 4 February 2011

Catching up with movie stars

Ive been ill the past few days so have been curled up in bed.

Today I watched Gentlmen Prefer Blondes.

I really enjoyed the film, the storyline was fun and I liked the songs, especially Bye Bye Baby.

Finally got to see Marilyn in the costumes I saw on the Marilyn dolls a few years ago.
(diamonds are a girls best friend scene)
(Opening scene, Little Rock number)
If you havent seen this musical, its set on a transatlantic crossing to Paris. Jane Russell and Marilyn are 2 best friends, Marilyn wants to marry her millionaire boyfriend but his father dissapproves fearing her a money grabber. There are a few mix ups thanks to the niavety and flirtatious nature of Monroes character but her friend is always there to help. Love, laughter and songs and a nice shopping montage in paris :)