Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Lavinia's Teaparty

Just a quick note to introduce you to a new blog Lavinia's Teaparty For lots of vintage teasets to hire for special occasions and news and updates about vintage events in and around the Cotswolds.

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Busy Busy Bee

Hey long time no blog!

Ive been really busy recently and havent had much spare time to blog at all.

I spent jubilee weekend in Cirencester visiting Ben's family.
I also visited mine in the Midlands for a few days. We did a spot of shopping at Solihull's Touchwood centre. Its one of my favourite places to shop because it has lots of stores I don't get to go in often like French Connection. It isn't too big either, sometimes I walk into Topshop in Cardiff and walk straight back out because there is simply too much to look at. Im a bit of a weird shopper I need to know what I am buying before I go somewhere (or at least have a solid idea in my head) I don't like browsing for hours and hours. This sums me up in general I am impatient!!

I didn't get anything too exciting as money is sparse this month but I bought some exercise gear because I'm joining the gym, I am determined for me and Ben to get fit and healthy :) DSCF8784DSCF8888
Trainers £37 Sports Direct, Sports bra £12.99 H&M.

This fitness regime had to wait though as I spent the end of last week eating out with family and friends. We went to Pomeroys in Kenilworth a new bar and restaurant and enjoyed some amazing food (beautifully presented as well) and some delicious cocktails. DSCF8844DSCF8850 This was the fantastic pork loin with caramelised apples my sister ordered, I had the rack of lamb but forgot to take a picture.
thats all for now todays to do list is a long one. what ever happened to a relaxing day off?!

Emily x

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

'Lets go to the Beach Beach!'

...'lets go to the waves!' Sunny day in Southerndown South Wales
We drew in the sand, we ate a picnic and we paddled up to our knees (weather may be mega hot but the sea was FREEZING!!)

'Last Friday Night!'

A fun night out on Friday. Me and my friend Alexa
Me and Ben
Me and the bear :)

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Leisurely day shopping

I spent this lovely sunshiny day shopping. I had a little splurge in the bargain store round the corner to top up my craft box.

I bought some white cards and envelopes for card making. DSCF8708

PVA - an essential, I use so much of it! I use it for all my decoupage projects.

The crazy birds! They clip onto things, I wanted some over christmas for my tree but the ones in Paperchase were really expensive! So when I saw these I had to get them. I want do something more creative with them. Any ideas?

A recent online purchase were these jelly lenses for your camera phone or digital camera.
A Beautiful Mess did a post on them and I just had to get some of my own!
DSCF8673 I can't wait to take them out into the park later!

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Finished at last!

I finished my paint by numbers! here it is: DSCF8707 I cannot wait to hang this on the wall in our new flat!

I also have a new Chamilia bead, it is the thin one with yellow stones in. I think I will buy another so I have more yellow on my bracelet and so its symmetrical (sort of).
I got the bead from Ernest Jones

Do you have a charm bracelet? I would love to know which kind and what charms you have.

Emily x

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Sunny weekend!

Ive been enjoying the fabulous weather this weekend. Me and my boyfriend Benjamin spent Saturday viewing flats. because we are trying to save for a deposit to buy our own house sadly we will be moving from our beautiful flat to a cheaper one. We explored a new area of Cardiff and stumbled upon Thompson park, another pretty spot enclosed with an iron fence. It has a fountain and pond with ducks and lots of pretty trees and plants. The Victorians sure do know how to plan a park! Sunday me and a friend went to a car boot sale by the SEA! Wales rocks sometimes, check the view: DSCF8687
I bought some Mac eyeliner from a stall that had lots of great makeup for really cheap, including benefit and O.P.I nail polish. I also bought some card making bits from a crafty stall. I didn't buy anything second hand, since we are downsizing I showed a lot of restraint that I normally wouldn't. For instance there was a stall selling owl ornaments (I think someone was getting rid of their collection) the table was just covered in owls and owl pictures I would have had a field day usually! Then we went round the corner to Cosmeston a nature park with lakes and a medieval village. We just stuck to the lakes this time but I would love to go back soon.
More photos of birds, I like photographing them because they are constantly moving it feels like a real achievement when you actually get a good shot. DSCF8696

Friday, 4 May 2012


So since my week holiday has ended I havent had much time to blog or anything else really! My paint by numbers is still waiting to be finished DSCF8657 I have nothing much else to say right now (boring I know sorry!) until next time, Emily x

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Wreck This! Update

So you may have seen previous posts of mine about my 'Wreck this Journal' by Keri Smith. Here are my newest additions, still not feeling too creative at the moment. I don't know why maybe I have DIY overload? Looking at Pinterest everyday can be overwhelming! DSCF8649 DSCF8651DSCF8656

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Weeesh List

a trip to Ikea is due.... look at these lovelies I plan to purchase

Source: via Terri on Pinterest

Source: via Emily on Pinterest

Source: via Emily on Pinterest

also Lakeland:
cake pop maker!

Emily x

Monday, 23 April 2012

Bristol part 2

So second day in Bristol started out with a bit of adventure golf! yes indoor golf at Cabot Circus.
What I wore:
Red jeans, Internationale.
Shirt, Oasis
Shoes, Primark

PhotobucketPhotobucket I got a hole in one! (Ben got 3)
Photobucket Then we headed over to Park street my favourite shopping destination in Bristol. If you like vintage shops, charity shops and boutiques this is the place for you. The Motel store and Cath Kidston are there as well. We didn't have any money left so we didn't stop long. We jumped on the train back home to Cardiff. Emily x

Anniversary in Bristol part 1

Soooo this weekend me and my boyfriend of 4 YEARS (hehe anniversary next week) went to Bristol to celebrate and basically enjoy a bit of quality time together. We stayed at the Holiday Inn and WOW it was fabulous! Our room was massive and beautifully decorated. I booked it using I love the website it saved us a lot of money, Ive used it twice this year and it has allowed us to stay in posh hotels that we normally wouldn't be able to afford. The name of the website gives the impression that they are last minute deals but actually I booked the room a month ago. You also don't have to pay until you get to the hotel.
We did a little window shopping at Cabot Circus the newest shopping centre in Bristols busy city centre. It is impressive, I'm jelous as Cardiff doesn't have an American Apparel so I enjoyed lusting after the disco pants.
Next we went to the cinema and watched The Hunger Games. Oh my! We loved it! Most of you have probably already seen it as it has had a lot of well deserved hype. I'm not the best reviewer but my sister described it well, as Battle Royale meets Narnia. Sounds strange but makes sense when you see it. I want a sequel and quick!
After the film we were starving so headed over to Bella Italia for a purse friendly meal. Italian food is strange its meant to be romantic but in reality its messy and garlic flavoured (all things I love haha) luckily after 4 years me and Ben are comfortable with getting sauce on our face in front of each other. I wish I had taken pictures but here is what we ordered.

To Share: Garlic Bread sticks
Starters: Calamari, Stuffed mushrooms
Main: Meat Calzoni, Lamb Ragu and pasta

Tired and full we headed back to the hotel room (literally just behind the main high street) stopping off for some wine and beer on the way.
We enjoyed the comforts of the 4 star hotel (getting excited about having an ice bucket) and watching tv in bed. Photobucket

Part 2 tomorrow!

Emily x

(P.S Ive just become aware this looks like a sponsored post because I'm raving about the hotel etc its not at all haha)

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Saint Fagans

Ive been to Saint Fagans (Museum of Welsh Life) again :) Its such a nice place to have a wander, enjoy the beautiful outdoors and absorb a bit of history. This time I went with my Mum, sister and cousin who were visiting for a day. The weather was a bit hit and miss but there is plenty to see indoors as well as out. Vintage signs from the shop windows. Photobucket Photobucket
This is so me, cheese and crackers is my favourite snack Photobucket Surely this sounded funny 100 years ago, as it does to me now?

Lovely wildlife

Pretty gardens
PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket I went to Bristol this weekend so my next post will be about what I got up to there. Did you get up to anything nice this weekend? Weather was pants wasn't it?! Emily x

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Home visit

I am back at home for a few days to see my family and friends.

Me and my sister went out last night

I wore these babies! KATY PERRY EYELASHES! They are the same as all eyelure lashes really, same glue, just endorsed by my favourite, Miss KP.
You get a cool sticker in with them as and the packaging is super cute. They were good as well, easy to apply and stayed on all night and I think I can get another wear from them.

There are a couple of different styles available so I will try them next :)


Also the observant of you can see I have dyed my hair, the red faded a lot after its first wash and the difference in colour between my roots and ends was just ridiculous. I panicked and bought a dark colour...and boy did it go dark!! The colour is semi permanent so it should fade slightly *fingers crossed*

hair this dark just doesnt suit my colouring when will I learn?!

hope you all have exciting weeks planned!

Sunday, 15 April 2012


Progress is pretty rapid right now

I have got a week off so I might need to go buy another one!

Also a quick charity shop purchase I have been wanting a little ceramic deer for ages, now to find him a friend! yay!

Saturday, 14 April 2012

New hair

This was a bit of a gamble, it only half paid off, I have major bright roots and darker red ends. Think I will keep it for a bit to see if my roots darken a little.Photobucket
this is me looking a bit scruffy

I bought this cute paint by numbers today.

It will look great hanging in the kitchen. When I'm in my wood panelled kitchen I like to pretend I am in the alps somewhere and outside my window are big icicles and a lovely ski resort town. If I were to have a holiday home it would be a chalet, they are so romantic even when the snow is gone!!

Ive already started to paint, here is what I have done so far
Ben is going to the gym tonight so I'm sure I will be doing this all evening with saturday night tv on in the background :)

Today was the first day of my weeks holiday off work so I am happy as a clam and have lots planned for the next few days.