Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Home visit

I am back at home for a few days to see my family and friends.

Me and my sister went out last night

I wore these babies! KATY PERRY EYELASHES! They are the same as all eyelure lashes really, same glue, just endorsed by my favourite, Miss KP.
You get a cool sticker in with them as and the packaging is super cute. They were good as well, easy to apply and stayed on all night and I think I can get another wear from them.

There are a couple of different styles available so I will try them next :)


Also the observant of you can see I have dyed my hair, the red faded a lot after its first wash and the difference in colour between my roots and ends was just ridiculous. I panicked and bought a dark colour...and boy did it go dark!! The colour is semi permanent so it should fade slightly *fingers crossed*

hair this dark just doesnt suit my colouring when will I learn?!

hope you all have exciting weeks planned!


  1. I really like the dark hair. Really striking! I've just went from blonde to brown. I HATE it !! So it's back to blonde on Saturday..



    1. our poor hair! thank you but I'm hoping for it to fade a little. I think the brown suits you really well but so did the blonde! x