Saturday, 14 April 2012

New hair

This was a bit of a gamble, it only half paid off, I have major bright roots and darker red ends. Think I will keep it for a bit to see if my roots darken a little.Photobucket
this is me looking a bit scruffy

I bought this cute paint by numbers today.

It will look great hanging in the kitchen. When I'm in my wood panelled kitchen I like to pretend I am in the alps somewhere and outside my window are big icicles and a lovely ski resort town. If I were to have a holiday home it would be a chalet, they are so romantic even when the snow is gone!!

Ive already started to paint, here is what I have done so far
Ben is going to the gym tonight so I'm sure I will be doing this all evening with saturday night tv on in the background :)

Today was the first day of my weeks holiday off work so I am happy as a clam and have lots planned for the next few days.


  1. Lovely hair, I've just dyed mine a reddy colour too. I haven't done a paint by numbers for years! They're so relaxing :D

  2. That painting by numbers looks so fun - I never had the patience to do anything like that in my younger days but I'd totally love to give that a go right now!

  3. they are great fun to do and they look so retro as well. xx