Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Leisurely day shopping

I spent this lovely sunshiny day shopping. I had a little splurge in the bargain store round the corner to top up my craft box.

I bought some white cards and envelopes for card making. DSCF8708

PVA - an essential, I use so much of it! I use it for all my decoupage projects.

The crazy birds! They clip onto things, I wanted some over christmas for my tree but the ones in Paperchase were really expensive! So when I saw these I had to get them. I want do something more creative with them. Any ideas?

A recent online purchase were these jelly lenses for your camera phone or digital camera.
A Beautiful Mess did a post on them and I just had to get some of my own!
DSCF8673 I can't wait to take them out into the park later!

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  1. I was wondering how you did that effect it really good :D I LOVE paperchase, when I have money I always buy something from there :D