Thursday, 18 March 2010

Apologies and Peter Fraser Exhibition

Hi, its been a long time since I wrote something really interesting/ detailed on this blog. I am really busy with uni work and my part time job. However, I am going home this weekend and am going to write a blog on 1970s the 'nostalgic romanticism' trend (think laura ashley), with examples of course :)

I have also managed to persued my boyfriend to take some decent pictures of me in some of my vintage or vintage inspired outfits as well, just because I don't do it often! I definitely want to steer this blog back to a vintage fashion, historical and photography theme, is that too varied?

Also, some sad news yesterday. I went on a day trip to see the most recent Peter Fraser exhibition so I thought I would pop into my favourite vintage shop which was nearby, only to find it had closed down :(
I'm pretty gutted!

anyway here are some of the images from the Peter Fraser exhibition, I believe he has photographed stately homes around Wales. You will not be able to tell from these images but if you do get to see the exhibition or the book you will notice the reoccuring blue theme throughout which I like very much.


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