Friday, 6 May 2011

1970s gems

More lovely seventies items.

These belong to my Mum, so I took pictures because the colours and photography is just so aesthetically pleasing to me at the moment!

This is a Habitat catalogue from 1975, I'm sure they sell similar items today! fashions really do come full circle! My Mum pointed out some of the light fixtues she and Dad had in their first house together.

All the prawn cocktails and aspic jellies you could dream of! :/PhotobucketPhotobucket
The 70s isnt normally an era I think about because I dont consider it vintage (my parents would be offended if I did ha!) But since finding the new flat Im keen to run with the style of the time to make a wonderfully groovy living space.

I tried to nab some of the kitchen items my parents had from Mum is still too fond of them.nevermind! I will have to hit the charity shops!


  1. I got a great book from a chairty shop last week- Laura Ashley Home Decorating. I love it x

  2. ooh sounds lovely! you must post some pictures :D x