Monday, 9 May 2011

Recent purchases

French Connection Pick and mix bead dress £145.
I loved this a soon as I saw it, Its totally me in every way! very 1920s in style and so is the pattern on the material. Its more expensive than I would usually buy but I got a bit of discount as we sell it at work. When I wear it I will get a photo for you.

Barry M Instant nail effects £3.99
I love these paints, It gives the impression of professionally painted nails that took ages to do but its just quick and easy and cheap!

available in 4 colours, I bought the black as it goes with everything.
check out the tutorial:

The Muppet Show series 3!
I got series 1 for christmas off Ben and we both loved it! so when I saw series 3 on offer I had to buy it!
My favourite character by far is the Swedish Chef!Photobucket


  1. I see that dress and think shiny wedding dress randomly!

  2. the bead detailing is very wedding dress!