Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Computer problems

My poor computer is broken! I am currently using a friends laptop.
I am quite annoyed because my pc wasn't quite 2 years old and its beyond fixing! lame.

An update:

Ive booked my trip to Amsterdam!

I have been sewing a few little things mainly using patterns from 'Softies' a craft book.

The laptop has no photo card reader so I cant upload photographs.

Without a computer to distract me in the evenings I have been doing a lot of cooking. I love trying out new recipes (I think my boyfriend appreciates it too)
I will do a post on the meals I tried.

Tonight I am going to look at a prospective flat to rent when this tenancy runs out, it should be fun. I like my current flat and it is ideally located but a bit on the small side and rather expensive. So me and Ben will be looking for a new place for us to move into (it will be our first flat together not sharing with friends!!)

Anyway when the computer situation is solved I will be back to regular posts.

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