Wednesday, 12 January 2011

The Crinoline Lady

My auntie, like me has always been a bit of a collector. She has a beautiful set of framed cigarette cards and ceramic mushrooms. But my favourite is her collection of crinoline lady china. She started with a few pieces from a set that was split up and given to her and my other aunts by one of our older family members.

It was a lovely set and my mum always thought it was a shame the set had been shared out just because it would be so lovely together. It became a sort of mission to complete it.
Whenever we went on holidays and saw an antique shop or a charity shop we popped in and hunted for china pieces of the set. If we saw a piece we bought it.

We often bought pieces which didnt match simply because they were beautiful or because we werent sure if they were an exact match. Now my Aunt has a massive collection of pieces all in a lovely wooden display cabinet, it even lights up!

I think I might start my own collection because it was so much fun!

Here are some examples of pieces, (neither of which are from the set my aunt had to begin) However I know we bought some cups saucers and plates which match the yellow crinoline teapot below. PhotobucketPhotobucket
(images from google)

Old china is so beautiful. My friend has started creating lovely cake stands out of it here is her website. enjoy!

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  1. Hi, Did you know that there are so many companies that made Crinoline Lady.Look on ebay...So many different ones.
    Hard to find which are original and which are copies...
    She's so pretty thou. My 8 yr old daughter saw a tea set and loves it. Sadly £40 is rather a lot to spend in one go on something so extravagant for an 8yr old. Maybe ill but just one lil piece?