Thursday, 13 January 2011

22nd Birthday

Its my birthday on the 24th of this month and if youve read my blog for a while you might know I always have a themed party.

Well tis year due to the size of my flat we will be forced to go out dancing and drinking rather than have a party at home. There will be a theme though and its my favourite one yet!

Roaring Twenties!

Due to lack of money until after the date, Im wearing a flapper dress I already own, however I have been browsing the web for inspiration still.
Here are some of my favourite picture finds:


  1. Happy Birthday! Roaring twenties is a great theme :) That was actually my theme for my 20th birthday, but I was the only one who dressed up...

  2. oh no! what party poopers! Yes to have it for your 20th birthday was a better idea. hopefully I will not be the only one who dresses up, I will take photos and do a post after