Sunday, 30 January 2011

Let them eat Cake

Beautiful photography spread for Zoya jewellery based heavily on the Marie Antoinette movie by Sophia Copolla. I saw these on Absolutely Lady Like blog.
What I like:
I love the theme, I love the makeup and hair styling. The Zoya jewellery range is decadent in every way I really like the necklet and earring in the bath photo and the sparkling rose ring, it reminds me of a range we sell at work called Le Vian. (I will do a separate post on that as there is so much of the jewellery I want!)

I have some images from the film which you can see the very obvious influence it has had on this shoot.

I left the photographs which were less influenced by the film out because they were more contemporary and generic, I didnt like them as much.

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