Saturday, 14 January 2012


So my job is pretty up in the air at the moment for the second time in 12months.

I wont be getting any extra hours and becuase of my small contract I will have to get a second job or a new full time job. Im gutted, I dont want to leave my job I love it but I cannot live off a part time wage. I feel kind of let down as well because I had a second job at John Lewis and I left it so I could be flexible for my current job over christmas. I worked my arse off all through the holidays and as soon as it hits January I'm back down to 15hours a week.

I will struggle to find a second job because I know I want to be in the jewellery business and nothing else will do! Of course I know I cannot be too picky but anything else feels like a step backwards. Plus juggling 2 jobs is no fun I did it for 10months and my mind was all over the place yu can never really work your hardest when you are split in 2!

Me and the bf are considering moving from Cardiff perhaps to Birmingham in the hope of better job opportunities but we can't really make any moves until our tennancy runs out on our incredible flat :'( unfortunately we are already struggling to pay bills and things even when I am on full time hours so staying in this flat at least is not an option.

anyway thats what I'm dealing with right now just as I was enjoying 2012 and thinking what a great year it will be... BLAM! more news which basically stops me and Ben settling. We love Cradiff and don't want to leave and I love my job but we both know its a choice between dream location or dream jobs.

at least Birmingham will be closer to my family.

why do you always have to choose? :(

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