Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Excuse me while I Graze...

Today has been a good day for post.

So firstly my Graze box arrived and this is what I got:

http://graze.com/b/xtzd3 this link will show the items in detail.

The korean chilli rice crackers were AMAZING.

Im not a fan of banana or olives but Ben loves them so I thought its only fair I don't cross them off the list and let him have some things he likes as well.

You get a little leaflet with the nutritional info calorie count etc and also some vouchers to give to friends for a free box. I can't wait to send one to my sister she will love it!

The best thing about the graze box...it fit through my letterbox! So if I hadn't been in I would have still recieved my yummy foods and not a pesky red slip to collect from the post office. BONUS!

I also got the top I ordered from RogueRetro on etsy

Its a floral haiwaiin crop top with a cute knot in the front I LOVE IT!


Rogue Retro is a great shop check it out:



  1. I've been wanting to try this, such a good idea.. when I eventually get a proper job recon I will ha xxx

  2. its worth it! plus there are lots of codes to get a free trial

    here is one WHFREE