Monday, 9 January 2012

VICTORY! ...rolls

I am currently quite pleased with myself after managing my first sucessful victory rolls!

I have often tried in vain with much frustration. They could be a LOT neater but nevermind practise makes perfect!

Cringey photo so just focus on the hair.

If I was actually going somewhere I would probably curl the ends of my hair as well.

I have a lot of whispy 'baby hair' around my fringe area any ideas how to grow? tame? style? it?

If you are interested in vintage hairstyles here was my last attempt I posted

(I don't know whats worse on that post the different cringey face I'm pulling or the fact I have the same cardi on, you may have noticed, I'm not cool)

and if you would like me to try some more hairstyles and post them let me know!


  1. Yey they look really good - hate how annoying they are to do though and how your arms start to ache just as your perfecting them! For my stray little bits i've always hair sprayed my hair just before rolling - that helps them roll up with the rest, to some extent anyway. x

  2. thanks! i did use hairspray after it was all pinned maybe I need to run a bit through my hair first x