Saturday, 31 October 2009


So Ive always made a big deal out of Halloween ever since I was little. This year has been a little different, maybe its because im growing up but Im pretty sure its just because most of my friends are away this weekend.

I went to a small house party last night in my costume which was partly handmade (ive been really skint recently so i couldnt go all out). So I made the top and I made some spooky cakes as well. I knew that orange food colouring would be used again! haha
i made the top by just gluing paper bones, i tried to sew them but they would have ripped off too easily.

I had some tights with bones painted on them too but i didnt take any photos! silly i know.

tonight will be the first halloween (that I can remember) where im not doing anything. Im gonna just watch nightmare before christmas and corpse bride I think. If i watch anything scary i wont sleep because im all alone in my house! eeep!

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! 'Goodnight out there...what ever you are!' (or I might watch Count Duckula!)

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