Thursday, 15 October 2009

Embellished Jacket

One of the key pieces you need this Autumn/Winter.
Topshop of course is right on the pulse of this trend.

here is a selection of their best. my fave is the blue number on the end.
Ranging from a respectable £40 to £150 Topshop have a large collection to choose from for every budget.

Not to be outdone River Island came up with this nice structured piece with shoulder pads, definitely harking back to the 80s.
at just under 50 quid id say that was a good buy. When you think you will essentially be wearing this until spring with body con dresses and tailored or hareem trousers.

however if your looking for something more unique have a look at these:

Frank Usher jacket


These jackets are all quite dark, so how about this for those of you who are a bit braver. from suzysparklesalot on etsy:


House of Helen on ebay

This jacket is slightly more pricey but then again it is a piece from the 1930s!

The price works out at around £277.

I love how fashion comes full circle and designers are always looking back to past fashions to inspire their own clothes. Look back at my post on Schiaparelli if you don't believe me, and check out some of the similarities in her designs and these pieces above.

Fabulous! Id feel a million dollars in any of these jackets :)

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  1. Gorgeous! Thanks for posting and love your blog. I think we could do similar beadwork and jackets here at Lake Atitlan, Guatemala, as we are starting a line of "Gringa Huipils"right now.

    I work with the most wonderful indigenous Mayan artists here and we sell their work to raise money for medical and educational expenses.

    Any more design ideas you have would be greatly appreciated.

    Contact me: CatherineTodd2 at gmail dot com, for AtitlanArts dot com.