Friday, 8 May 2009

VE Day

It was on this day 64 years ago that the Second World War ended in Europe when Germany surrendered to the Allies.

I like this image I found on google of a celebratory Bonfire in Toronto, Canada.
The little boy in the center cleary doesnt like fireworks! hehe

I can imagine what a wonderful day this must have been. Even for the German people, I bet everyone was so happy the war was finally over.

Here is another image that I found which is not so far from my home of Coventry, in Selly Oak, Birmingham.

(Image is from
I wish communities still got along like they did in the past, I do not know my neighbours very well back home.
Obviously student living is different, we all live close by and know each other, which is lovely :)

During the Second World War Coventry was largely destroyed in air raid bombings, most notably the Cathedral, here it is in ruins.

and this is the Cathedral I recognise. The spire still remains and you can climb it on special open days, it's a log way up!

The reason Coventry was a target in during the war, was because of its many car factories (which were converted to making aircraft during the war)

I might write a bit more about Coventry some other day, I really am quite fond of it :)

bye for now x

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