Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Disney Night

So last night we had a disney film fest! we started a bit late so we only ended up watching 3 films but it was great!

First up was Pocahontas. I remember seeing it at the cinema in 1995, I loved it then and I still love it now. The way her hair is always moving is fantastic! I also like the comedy brought along by Meeko the racoon and flit the hummingbird.
The scenery is stunning, the detial is amazing, I would probably say it reminded me most of the forest scenes from Sleeping Beauty because of the square styalized trees and the turquoisey hues.
I'm sure everyone who has seen it will tell you their favourite song is 'Colours of the Wind' and I agree, a real good Disney sing-a-long. I also really like 'Just around the riverbend'.
The version I watched had a new song too, added in the bit when John Smith is tied up in the tent and Pocahontas visits him, its sort of a ballad and although its not terrible, I'd prefer it wasnt there. A bit like 'Morning Report' in The Lion King (absolutley no need for that song its rubbish!)

At this point we had a snack break of pizza, doritos and lemonades :)

Then we watched The Rescuers, another wonderful film, but now Ive seen it when I'm older the storyline is really quite sinister! I also noticed how shoddy the animation is in regards to cleaning it up. A lot of the characters change colour during the film and have bits such as the white of their eyes not filled in at all, which kinda bugged me. Also the sketched lines are quite visible on some scenes. I still really enjoyed it though. Miss Bianca is wonderful! A real lady (mouse) and I'd love to wear her little outfits!

Lastly we watched the Incredibles, it really is a funny movie! If I had a super power I would definitley want elasticity! How fun would that be?! Edna Mode is a hilarious character!
I personally prefer 2D animation to CGI, and I'm picky about which 3D films I like but this one is a winner hands down.

We are planning another Disney night soon its great fun on the cheap!


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