Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Busy few days

Ive had a busy few days, with the end of year exhibition opening on Wednesday (tomorrow!) I have had a lot of work to do, finishing touches, painting gallery walls you know the drill. I'm excited and nervous, but opening night should be fun there will be a raffle of our prints to raise money for our final year exhibition and free wine ;)
Here is the exhibitions poster made by one of my course mates Craig Harper

On Friday was the University May Ball. The theme this year was Hollywood (last years was Las Vegas, there seems to be the trend). It was complete with Oscar statues and a red carpet! (me on the right my housemate on the left)
We had special guests Utah Saints, Wiley, The Zutons and Roy Walker the guy who presented the gameshow catchphrase.
The shirt he is wearing here was a prize for people who got the catchphrases correct.
The Zutons were amazing I got really close to the front as well.
They played Valerie, Why wont you give me your Love, Pressure Point and a few others.
I have the photos on my flickr


We also went on the ferris wheel and the spinny things, dunno thier technical name.

Then last night me and my friend and my boyfriend and his mate went to see Every Time I Die at the 02 academy in Bristol. The show was awesome ETID played my 2 favourite songs. I had seen them live before at TJs in Newport but it was great to see them in a bigger venue and have more stage space to really perform. Me and Alexa bought t-shirts.
Unfortunatley they didnt play as long as Gallows. By the end of the Gallows set I actually disliked their lead singer, he was spitting everywhere and being so arrogant. However in their encore they played Abandon Ship and Orchestra of Wolves and I they are my favourite songs by the band. They also invited Eva from Rolo Tomassi to sing with them on one song (i forgot the name). She can scream!! I think Ben has a crush on her haha.

After the gig I saw a Banksy! I love his/her/their? work but I'd never seen one in person. I got a photo but it as dark so i'll paste the one i saw here from google images.
How exciting!!
Then we went to the Elbow Room got hammered on wine then got the last train home. I lost my purse with all my cards in on the way back :/
so if anyone finds it please return it to me!!

anyway, ive gotta head to the gallery again then me and a few of my friends are having a Disney night, I will do a related post soon! byeeeeeee xx


  1. Banksy is great - and a he :) He works with stencils so he can do his work super fast, and having a Banksy on your house makes it sooo valuable!

    Lovely blog btw :)

  2. thank you for the comment, I totally didnt see it there so sorry for the late reply!

    I heard a story about Banksy having put some work on an old garage and now its so valuble the council cant knock it down even though its on land they want haha. its so cool :)