Monday, 4 May 2009

Bank Holiday Fun!

The title to this blog is misleading because I am currently eyes deep in my essay on German Architectural Photography (not fun). Ive written 3134 words of 3500 so I'm not doing too badly. However progress seems to have slowed down and I can't get back into it, another trip to the uni library is needed. I only have until Friday to finish.PANIC!

I realise for a photography student i dont talk a lot about my photography work so heres a bit more of an insight. I am very interested in Architectural Photography and in my opinions the Germans are the best at it.
Bernd and Hilla Becher are one of my favourites here is an example of their work
Photobucket Bernd and Hilla Becher - Water Towers.

Researching my essay Ive come across a lot of German photographers I hadn't previously heard of such as Laurenz Berges

and Jorg Sasse. I love this image
(yes i know its not architectural) both Sasse and Berges were taught by Bernd Becher at the Dusseldrof Academy.

I also just wanted to mention The Duchess because I finally watched it yesterday, (no one would see it at the cinema with me!) same as Young Victoria.... now i have to wait months until it comes out on DVD! I find it really unfair actually because I'm always getting dragged off to see films I have no interest in by my boyfriend.


The Duchess, beautiful costumes as expected, i am a huge fan of 18th century fashion and decor.
I never used to like Kiera Knightley, i used to find her constant pouting and over the top english accent annoying, but I must admit after watching Atonement and The Duchess, she is growing on me considerably.
Her portrayal of Georgiana Cavendish Duchess of Devonshire was wonderful. The Duchess' marriage was a very unhappy one, she ended up having to share her husband with her best friend Lady Elizabeth Foster.
Georgiana's life is often compared to the life of Marie Antoinette there certainly are many similarities (i love the Sophia Coppola film starring Kirsten Dunst, you should watch it if you havent already). Also Princess Diana was an ancestor of the Duchess of Devonshire...more paralells?

Georgiana was at her time one of the most fashionable women in England, and she used her 'celebrity status' to help popularise the Whigs party.
The film is very sad, but worth watching, the cinematography is wonderful.
This is a portrait of Georiana by Thomas Gainsborough and a film still of Keira Knightly in my favourite of her costumes from the film.(her campaign outfit promoting Charles James Fox)


anyway thats all for now :) cya x

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