Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Antiques shopping and the Beach

I went to The Pumping station in Cardiff yesterday, I didn't take many pictures but it is worth a visit. There is so much there!

Vintage clothes and hats (the biggest vintage hat collection in south wales)

Furniture, books, memorabilia and collectables, dolls house stuff etc. I had fun sifting throught the shelves of stuff and trying on the vintage hats. I really want a nice floral tea set, I saw some lovely ones there but I have no money at the moment (its all had to go on my final prints for the exhibition!).

I love these dial phones, my nan had a mustard one when I was little I used to play with it :)
They have a lot of garden things like benches and statues look at this hideaous thing! £540!!! scary!

We wne to a little rocky beach on the way to Barry Island, I found a tiny fossil, but it was on quite a big rock so I didn't bring it home. I love fossils :D

Barry Island - Ive lived in South Wales 3 years now and I had never been to Barry until yesterday! haha this is my sister with me.
Photobucket We had an Ice cream and walked across the sand :)


  1. I've always, always wanted one of those phones! Loving the colours they come in.

  2. I know, the sad thing is my Nana had one I used to play with it as a kid, but when she moved house she threw it away for a modern one!