Friday, 28 October 2011

Fashion Swap

On sunday evening I went to a Fashion Swap at The Vulcan on Salisbury road.
Set up in a side room were vintage stalls and a cake stand and rails of clothes to swap!

I had a great time with a few friends picking out new outfits from the selection of clothes people had brought in. I myself got rid of 9 items that I just never wore anymore, so I cleared my wardrobe a bit and was quite pleased to come home with 3 lovely dresses.

I hope there is another one soon!

Next time I will take jewellery and shoes I no longer want as I didnt realise these could be swapped also. And I will try to get some boys to come along as there wasnt anything really for men.

The other nice thing is anything that doesnt get swapped goes to the Oxfam Boutique on St Marys street.

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