Thursday, 11 August 2011

Historical Fiction

Without a doubt Phillippa Gregory is one of my favourite authors. She brings history to life in every book, with a fresh outlook and human approach which allows you to fully immerse yourself in the past.

I have read all her books from the Tudor court series (except The Constant Princess) and enjoyed them so much! I went into the novels knowing a lot already about the times having studied them at Alevels and having an interest which fuelled my own learning but the books had a lot more to offer. I have since begun the Cousins War trilogy which is set in the time of the Plantagenet kings and War of the Roses.

Ive always had a huge interest in British history which although I was taught a lot in school I always wish they had focused more on our county's history than that of American history. Until reading The White Queen I knew nothing of The War of the roses except that it happened! It is a confusing part of Britians past with many key players (all of which inconveniently have the same names!) Gregory makes it much easier to grasp and now I have begun to read the second book in the series The Red Queen I find I recognise names and remember their allegiances.
Although the book has a huge element of fiction with focus on the myth of Melusina it all helps the reader to understand the fears and beliefs forms a picture in your mind of how the wars started and why they continued for so long. I really enjoyed the book and I have gone from no knowledge of the period to knowing a huge amount and it definitly doesnt feel like studying!

I would recommend The White Queen, The Boleyn Inheritance and The Other Boleyn Girl (I was bitterly disappointed by the film version of this which was no way even remotely as good as the book so dont be put off if you thought the same!)

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