Friday, 19 February 2010

Busy Busy!

I don't have a lot of time, my Dissertation deadline is exactly one week away and I still have the last few finishing touches to do before I print and bind my final copies eee! Im not worried, I know I will get it done in plenty of time.

I finally saw Ponyo on Wednesday, the cinema was packed because it was Orange wednesdays (nightmare!) Ponyo wasn't too busy though so thats ok.

The film is great, such beautiful details in the landscapes. I especially liked the underwater world with all the jellyfish and other sea creatues.
I loved the characters they were all so lovely, I wish everyone in the world was nice it would make life perfect!

The story itself is rather simple compared to most ghibli films, and I was glad because sometimes they can be too deep and consequently confusing because I imagine there has to be cuts when it comes to editing time. It is very family/child orientated, rated U therefore it is quite similar to My Neighbour Totoro in that way.

I loved the cheeky Ponyo theme tune, I had it stuck in my head :]
definitly worth seeing

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