Monday, 19 January 2009

The Lady Is Willing

So the other day I bought a Marlene Dietrich boxset, and ive finally got round to watching one of the films. I have never done a film review before so yeah, this will be very sketchy and i hope to improve with each review i write. I chose The lady is willing mainly because of the description on the back of the box. Marlene is fabulously funny as eccentric actress Elizabeth Madden who finds a baby and decides to keep it, she enters into a 'practical' marriage with a doctor so that she is legally allowed to adopt the baby. Fred McMurray makes a good leading man, he plays his character very well however i find his character itself lacking in some way he isnt a strong man until maybe the last scene he is often over shadowed by Lizas huge character. But there are lots of great characters in the film who all add a lot of humor (Granted a lot of the jokes come from Miss Madden's mad wardrobe). I liked the 'manager and accountant' characters played by Stanley Ridges and Arline Judge and the exasperation and adoration they show for Liza. I found the climax at the end is kind of unexpected but fitting :)
I really enjoyed the film and would recommend it to any Dietrich fan or general fan of good old fashioned hollywood movies. I cant wait to watch another form my boxset when i get the chance! The storyline is not dissimilar to Baby Boom the 1987 film starring Diane Keaton, however this 1940s gem is much better.
Ive included a movie poster and a screen shot from google here to give you a tatser.

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