Thursday, 15 January 2009


Here are some beauty products ive come across with a vintage feel.

To start with, Benefit makeup, such beautiful packaging! its quite expensive but extremely good quality and totally gorgeous!

Secondly is Soap and Glory products, another set of lush packaging with vintage feel photographs, very girly and fabulous! From shampoos and conditioners to foot scrubs and body butters.

Another great product i found is Ponds cold cream and day cream. Ponds has been around for 120 years so would have been used by women in the last century. Its great stuff and cheap as well! I found some old ads from the 1920s and 1940s on google and then the last image is how the packaging looks now, just incase you want to find it in the shops :)
I love the advert from 1944 the slogan is great! 'She's Engaged! Shes Lovely! She uses Ponds!' haha brilliant :)

All these products are available at Boots(I feel like a sales woman!)

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