Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Sailing Boats

Got a bit crafty and started a new cross stitch.

Another Cath Kidston pattern, this one will go in the bathroom :)


so far...

Ive been thinking a lot lately that I would like to invest in a sewing machine. A decent one (not like the £20 one I bought which never worked!) I have a lot of home decor plans and I can't do them without a sewing machine!!

Anyone have a good machine that they would recommend. Im looking for something that does the basics and I dont really want to spend more than £200.


  1. oo loving the cross stitch, I don't really know much about modern sewing machines, mines a 1936 Singer machine but it still works a dream!

  2. oh thats good maybe I should look down the vintage line...my mums is from the 70s but she still uses it back home so I cant have that, plus it ways an absolute TONNE!