Thursday, 28 April 2011

Visit to Hay on Wye

Last month me and Ben went to Hay on Wye. It is right on the England Wales border and a tourist haven.

Known as the town of books it has lots of bookshops, even the castle of Hay on Wye almost in ruins bis home to a large collection of books and of old photographs.


The weather was over cast but we still had a nice wander round the little streets. I noticed a few vintage clothing shops but they were all closed so I will have to revisit another day.

One of the bookstores 'Rose's Books' was lovely, specialising in out of print childrens books. They had a big locked cabinet with some leather bound copies, a bit out of my price range! I searched for Alice in Wonderland and the Wizard of Oz. Again the books they had of these titles were either out of my price range or not very special.

Except one!

An edition from the 1950s, I fell in love with the cover. Inside the book is all black and white images no colour with the illustrations by John Tenniel

So I have now got 2 lovely copies of Alice in Wonderland (not quite a collection yet!)

On the way back we stopped off at Arthur's stone, a prehistoric tomb (i think) owned by English Heritage.


  1. Lovely cover on the Alice in Wonderland book :)

  2. I love Hay on Wye! there are some great antique shops there and I love the little place that sells sheeps milk ice cream x

  3. It is a beautiful town and I'm so happy with my Alice book!!