Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Trials of Technology

So i tried to watch rear window yesterday and it wouldnt play on my computer. Im having a lot of difficulties with 'said machine' lately. It was the old family pc until i moved to uni, then i got to have it, its getting pretty old now at least 3 years if not more! I cant really afford a new one just yet probably wont until april. Im torn between getting another desktop or a laptop. I officially dont get on with laptops and although there are some fantastic deals and they do have the portable advantage, im leaning towards another desktop. Anyway, so i went downstairs to the front room to watch it on the dvd player. When i was flicking through the channels i noticed a film showing on channel 4 called Laura. It was made in 1944 and stars Gene Tierney, Dana Andrews and to my total suprise VINCENT PRICE! I totally didnt recognise him, not even his voice! Oh the wonders of IMBD or i would never have known otherwise!
Anyway it had only been on 5 minutes so i started watching that instead. It was really really good. The basic plot goes like this. A young woman named Laura Hunt (Gene Tierney) is murdered in her home and a detective Mark McPherson (Andrews) is called to investigate, he meets Laura's fiance a dubious character played by Price and an older man who is a sort of work collegue (im not sure how to put it, he sort of mentors her and helps her career) who also in love with Laura.
They both tell the detective storys about Laura and about the last times they saw her alive (these scenes are all flashbacks). The detective falls in love with the Laura from their recounts. The film has quite a few love triangles and a lot more characters than i have mentioned because it would be too hard for me to explain, plus i would like you to watch it for yourself! There is also a major twist half way through which i dont want to ruin for you. This is a good 'who dun it?' film and a good story about the dangers of love and what infatuation can do to people.
Here are Gene and Vincent.
I forgot to say how much i envied her apartment in the film! It was Lush!

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