Thursday, 19 February 2009

A quick post before I go out

I'm off out to 'Battleturf' a battle of the bands type gig.
Just a bit of news on my photography, the bingo hall where I work asked me to take photographs for their advertising campaign. The images will be put on the sides of the Newport City buses! Its quite exciting. Anyway I took the photos yesterday and have been editing today, I handed over a disk wih all the images on to my manager today and then ssomeone else will be making the advert, so i imagin this means selecting some images adding text and printing it etc. Ive got one special favourite that ive put onto my deviant art account take a look

eee! how exciting! this will be fab for my portfolio and Cv!!
anyway i'll get some images when they are done and keep all news posted here

gtg now byeee x

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